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Marvel Comics Full March 2012 Solicitations: X-Men, Heroes, Spider-Man, Ultimates, Avengers and More

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Mon, 12/19/2011 - 12:42

Courtesy Marvel here are solicits for March 2012.Previous Months:» February» January» December» November» October» More Â» Launch the Cover Gallery Viewer.   Avengers Vs. X-Men #0Brian Michael Bendis & Jason Aaron (W) ”¢ Frank Cho (A/C)Phoenix Variant By Stephanie HansWraparound Variant Cover By Jimmy Cheung”¢ The Return Of The Scarlet Witch! What Does This Mean For The Mutant Messiah Hope?”¢ Three Of The Hottest Names In Comics Kick Off The Biggest Event In Marvel History!”¢ And Did We Mention Frank Cho On Art?!40 Pgs./One-Shot/Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Avengers: X-Sanction #4 (Of 4)Jeph Loeb (W) ”¢ Ed Mcguinness (A/C)Variant Cover By Steve Skroce”¢ As The Final Hours Tick Down, Cable Must Take Down A Berzerker Wolverine And A Wisecrackin’ Web-Head To Ensure A Deadly Future Does Not Come To Pass!”¢Sets The Stage For Avengers Vs. X-Men!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Prelude To Marvel’s The Avengers #1 & #2 (Of 4) Chris Yost & Eric Pearson (W) ”¢ Luke Ross & Agustin Padilla (A)Cover By Gerald Parel”¢ The Newest Installment Of The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie-In Comics Is Here Just In Time For The Avengers Movie!”¢ How Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Maintain The Status Quo In A World Full Of Gamma-Powered Rage Monsters, Hammer Wielding Gods And Men In Iron Suits?”¢ What Exactly Is The Avengers Initiative?”¢ If You Thought You Knew Everything There Was To Know About Director Nick Fury And The Elusive Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Think Again!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99*Not Final Cover Avengers Assemble #1Brian Michael Bendis (W) ”¢ Mark Bagley (A/C)Variant Covers By Arthur Adams & Marc SilvestriBlank Variant & Retailer Variants Also Available”¢ The Avengers Versus The *Brand-New* Zodiac!”¢ One Of The Greatest Avengers Villains Of All Time Gets Reinvented For The Modern Age Just In Time For The Blockbuster Movie Event Of The Summer!”¢ A Perfect Jumping-On Point Featuring The Cast Of The Summer Blockbuster, But In Marvel Universe Continuity!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Avengers #24”¢ Shocking Conclusion To The Epic H.A.M.M.E.R./Norman Osborn Storyline!”¢ Which Avengers Will Take Their Relationship To The Next Level?”¢ Will Norman Osborn’s Dream Come True?”¢ The Summer Of The Avengers Starts Here!32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 Avengers #24.1Brian Michael Bendis (W) ”¢ Brandon Peterson (A)Cover By Steve Mcniven”¢ One Of The Greatest Avengers Of All Time, Vision, Has Been Out Of Circulation For Years. Now That He’s Returned, He Has To Make Good On Promises He Made--!”¢ The Prelude To The Avengers Event Of The Summer!32 Pgs./Rated T --$2.99 New Avengers #23Brian Michael Bendis (W) ”¢ Mike Deodato (A/C)”¢ The Shocking Conclusion To The Dark Avengers Saga!”¢ Will One Of The Dark Avengers Become A New Avenger?!”¢ --And Will There Be A Shocking Fatality In The Avengers Battle Of The Year?!!32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 Secret Avengers #24Rick Remender (W) ”¢ Gabriel Hardman (A)Cover By Arthur Adams”¢ Hawkeye’s Leadership Put To The Ultimate Test After An Avenger Dies!”¢ The Secret Avengers Trapped In An Automaton City In The Center Of The Earth!”¢ Father And His Descendants Begin Their Plans To Spread Contagious Robot Evolution!”¢ A New Avenger Joins To Save Our Wayward Squad, But Will He Get There In Time?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Avengers Academy #27Christos Gage (W) ”¢ Karl Moline (A)Cover By David Lafuente”¢ Guest-Starring The Runaways!”¢ Giant-Man And Victor--Reptil And Chase--Lightspeed And Karolina--What Are The Connections That Make These Combustible Crews Collide?32 Pgs./Rated T --$2.99 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8Brian Michael Bendis (W) ”¢ Sara Pichelli (A)Cover By Kaare AndrewsVariant Cover By Sara Pichelli”¢News Of The New Spider-Man Has Finally Spread To Some Very Familiar Characters!”¢The Scorpion Is In New York And The Big Apple Is Feeling The Sting!”¢What Does Uncle Aaron Have Planned For Miles And His New Powers?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Ultimate Comics Ultimates #8Jonathan Hickman (W) ”¢ Esad Ribic (A)Cover By Kaare Andrews”¢ The Hulk Returns!”¢ The Ultimates Encounter The People!”¢ And A Decision Is Made That Will Change The Ultimate Universe Forever!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Ultimate Comics X-Men #9Nick Spencer (W) ”¢ Paco Medina (A)Cover By Kaare Andrews”¢ Welcome To Camp Angel, The Government’s Mutant Solution.”¢ What Secrets About The Future Of The Ultimate Universe Does Colossus Hold?”¢ Storm And The Other Inmates Must Decide What Action To Take When The Truth About The Government’s Involvement In The Creation Of Mutants Goes Public – And Their Choice Could Lead To Deadly Repercussions.32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Way Station #4 (Of 5)Robin Furth & Peter David (W) ”¢ Laurence Campbell (A/C)”¢ Continue To Follow The Introduction Of One Of The Most Asked-About Characters In The Canon, Young Jake Chambers, Murdered By The Man In Black In Our World And Now Part Of The Hunt For Him In Mid-World!”¢ Roland And Jake Travel Toward The Dark Tower, But The Path There Is Riddled With Danger!”¢Who, Or What, Waits In The Mountains For Roland?32 Pgs./Parental Advisory--$3 .99 Halo: Fall Of Reach - Invasion #3 (Of 4)Brian Reed (W) ”¢ Felix Ruiz (A/C)”¢ The Pillar Of Autumn And The Unsc Face Off Against A Massive Covenant Force.”¢ The Master Chief And His Fellow Spartans Defend The Planet Reach.”¢ Brian Reed And Felix Ruiz Continue The Final Chapter Of The Halo: Fall Of Reach Comic Series!32Pgs./17 & Up --$3.99© 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft, 343 Industries, The 343 Industries Logo, Halo, The Halo Logo, Xbox, Xbox 360, And The Xbox Logos Are Trademarks Of The Microsoft Group Of Companies. Formic Wars: Silent Strike #4 (Of 5)Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston (W) ”¢ Giancarlo Caracuzzo (A)Cover By Guiseppe Camuncoli”¢ The All-New Prequel To Orson Scott Card’s Science-Fiction Classic Ender’s Game Approaches Its Shocking Conclusion!”¢ The Final Battle Of The First Formic War Begins, With Humans Outnumbered A Hundred To One!32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$3.99 Northanger Abbey #5Northanger Abbey #5Cover By Julian Totino Tedesco”¢ Will Isabella’s And John’s True Natures Finally Be Revealed?”¢ When Catherine Suffers Undeserved Humiliation, Will Henry Stand Up To His Father To Defend Her?”¢ What Is The Dark Secret Of Northanger Abbey?32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #1 (Of 5)Sam Humphries (W) ”¢ Tba (A)Cover By Julian Totino Tedesco”¢ The Classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Tale Comes To Graphic Life!”¢ After Ten Long Years, Our Glorious Hero, John Carter, Finally Returns To Barsoom!”¢ Transporting Planet To Planet Has His Downsides, As Carter Finds Himself In The Valley Dor – The Land Of The Dead!”¢ Our Hero May Have Faced Martian Beasts, But Can He Handle Martian Gods?32 Pgs./All Ages --$3.99 Avenging Spider-Man #5Zeb Wells (W) ”¢ Leinil Yu (A/C)”¢ Spider-Man Meets Captain America...And It May Hurt A Lot!”¢ Special Guest Artist Leinil Yu Brings Together The World’s Two Favorite Super Heroes As The Most Action Packed New Book Of The Year Continues!”¢ You’re Going To Need New Pants After This One.32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99*Issue Will Be Polybagged Amazing Spider-Man #681Dan Slott With Chris Yost (W) ”¢ Giuseppe Camuncoli (A/C)”¢ Spider-Man And The Human Torch Are Trapped On A Space Station Full Of Octo-Zombies Plummeting Toward The Earth!”¢ This Best Buds Super Team-Up Is Running Out Of Air And Running Out Of Time!”¢ The Final Stage Of Doc Ock’s Master Plan Begins Here!32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 Amazing Spider-Man #682Dan Slott (W) ”¢ Stefano Caselli (A/C)Variant Cover By Gabriele Dell’otto”¢ Part One Of “Ends Of The Earth”, The Next Big Spider-Man Event!”¢ The Doc Ock Story You’ve Waited 50 Years For! Doctor Otto Octavius Holds The Entire Earth Hostage With His Dying Breath. What Price Will Spider-Man Have To Pay To Buy The Whole World One More Day?”¢ Special Appearance By The Avengers!32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 Venom #14Rick Remender (W) ”¢ Tony Moore (A)Cover By Stefano Caselli”¢ Mephisto Offers A Deal The Heroes Might Not Be Able To Refuse.”¢ Before Ghost Rider’s Decision Rips This New Team Apart, Can They Work Together To Stop Blackheart?”¢ Cap And The Avengers Might Have Something To Say About The Fallout.”¢ Reteaming All-Stars Rick Remender And Tony Moore32 Pgs. (Each) /Rated T+ --$2.99 (Each) Carnage U.S.A #4 (Of 5)Zeb Wells (W) ”¢ Clayton Crain (A/C)”¢ Venom Enters Carnage, U.S.A.!”¢ Carnage Has Spider-Man On The Run And The Avengers In His Thrall – It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Flash Thompson Entered The Symbiote-Fray!”¢ The Penultimate Portion Of Carnage’s Pain-Inducing Plot Proceeds!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Scarlet Spider #3Chris Yost (W) ”¢ Ryan Stegman (A/C)”¢ Spider-Man’s Dark Clone Continues His Quest For Redemption.”¢ Kaine Discovers Not Everyone’s Happy To Have A Hero In His New Home Town – And Houston’s Super Criminal Scene Makes Itself Known!”¢ Get On Board With The Hero Of Houston As Chris Yost And Ryan Stegman Continue The Runaway Hit Of 2012!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Winter Soldier #3Ed Brubaker (W) ”¢ Butch Guice (A)Cover By Lee Bermejo”¢ Winter Soldier Versus Doctor Doom. ”˜Nuff Said!”¢ Brought To You By Eisner Award Winner Ed Brubaker And Superstar Artist Butch Guice!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Captain America #9Ed Brubaker (W) ”¢ Alan Davis (A/C)”¢ Sharon Carter Takes Charge!”¢ Cap’s Mystery Deepens As Codename: Bravo Returns!”¢ And Machinesmith Is On The Loose!32 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99  Journey Into Mystery #635Kieron Gillen (W) ”¢ Richard Elson (A/C)Cover By Stephanie Hans”¢ Nightmare Has Forged His Ultimate Weapon...With The Help Of A Certain Diminutive Norse God. Oops.”¢ Will Daimon Hellstrom Let Loki Get Away With It?”¢ Fear Lords? You Want Fear Lords? We’ve Got Seven Of Them. Get Your Fear Lords Here.32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Thor: The Deviants Saga #5 (Of 5)Rob Rodi (W) ”¢ Stephen Segovia (A/C)”¢ The Unbinding Stone...Unbound!”¢ Thor Vs. The Collapse Of Space And Time!”¢ The Hidden Quest Of The Eternals Revealed!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 The Mighty Thor #12Matt Fraction (W) ”¢ Pasqual Ferry (A)Cover By Gabriele Dell’otto”¢ Thor Vs Tanarus!”¢ Asgardia Vs. The Troll Insurrection!”¢ The All-Mother Vs. The Norn Queen!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Hulk #49Jeff Parker (W) ”¢ Elena Casagrande (A)Cover By John Romita Jr.”¢ Red Hulk Versus The Eternals!”¢ Guest Appearance From Hercules!”¢ Has Red Hulk Set In Motion The End Of The World???32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Incredible Hulk #6Jason Aaron (W) ”¢ Whilce Portacio (A)Cover By Leinil Yu”¢ What Dark Price Did Hulk Pay To Separate Himself From Banner, And How Far Will He Go To Keep It That Way?”¢ Hulk Versus Banner’s Newest, Maddest Creations-- The Banner Men!”¢ The Biggest, Nastiest Hulk Vs. Banner Fight In Marvel History!32 Pgs./Parental Advisory--$3.99 FF #16Jonathan Hickman (W) ”¢ Juan Bobillo (A)Cover By Mike Choi”¢ Epilogue.”¢ The Fallout Of The Forever And Doom Storylines.”¢ A New Direction For The Future Foundation And Marvel’s First Family.32 Pgs./Rated T --$2.99 Fantastic Four #604Jonathan Hickman (W) ”¢ Steve Epting (A)Cover By Mike Choi”¢ Forever Part 5: Four-Ever”¢ Extra Sized Issue!”¢ The Epic Conclusion Of Our Three Year Story.40 Pgs./Rated T --$3.99 Daredevil #10Mark Waid (W) ”¢ Paolo Rivera (A/C)”¢ Daredevil Vs. Mole Man!”¢ The Cracks In Matt Murdock’s Façade Begin To Show!”¢ It’s Not Too Late To Start Reading The Book Everyone Is Talking About!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Captain America & Bucky #628James Asmus & Ed Brubaker (W) ”¢ Francesco Francavilla (A/C)”¢ Captain America--Replaced?!”¢ The Original Human Torch Out Of Control With Fred Davis Caught In The Blazing Inferno.”¢ Francesco Francavilla Will Melt Your Face Off With The Awesomeness Of Comics!32 Pgs./Rated T --$2.99 The Punisher #9Greg Rucka (W) ”¢ Marco Checchetto (A)Cover By Bryan Hitch”¢ Two Punishers For The Price Of One! But They Ain’t Partners.”¢ The Exchange Tries To Solve Their Punisher Problem, Permanently, With The Aid Of Some Unique Technology.”¢ It Gets Loud.32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$2.99 Invincible Iron Man #514Matt Fraction (W) ”¢ Salvador Larroca (A/C)”¢ Tony Stark Is Called Out For His Actions During Fear Itself!”¢ The Mandarin On American Soil!”¢ Has Bethany Cabe Found The Mole Or Has The Mole Found Bethany Cabe?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Moon Knight #11Brian Michael Bendis (W) ”¢ Alex Maleev (A/C)”¢ Moon Knight Has Fallen Into The Abyss Of His Multiple Personalities!”¢ What Force On Earth Can Bring Him Back From The Brink? Enter: The Avengers!”¢ The Legendary Team Of Bendis And Maleev Bring You This Pinnacle Moment In The Life Of Marc Spector!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Toy Story #1 (Of 4)Tea Orsi (W) ”¢ Antonello Dalena (A) & Teresa Quezada-Geer (A)Cover By Marco Ghiglione & Silvano Scolari”¢ All-New Four Issue Mini Series! New Adventures Featuring Woody, Buzz Lightyear And More!”¢ Andy’s New Puppy, Buster, Loves To Play With The Toys — But If Woody, Buzz And The Gang Can’t Control The Playful Pooch, All That Chewing And Shaking Will Damage Them For Sure!32 Pgs./All Ages --$2.99 Super Heroes #24Mark Sumerak (W) ”¢ Ig Guara (A)Final Issue!”¢ Giant Bugs Attack The Earth!”¢ But That’s Just The Beginning Of Giant Girl’s Problems When The Bug She Loves Most, Ant Man, Disappears! Can Spider-Man Help Her Find Him?32 Pgs./Reprint Material/All Ages --$2.99 Spider-Man #24Paul Tobin (W) ”¢ Matteo Lolli(A) & Rob Disalvo(A)Cover By Ale GarzaFinal Issue!”¢ Spider-Man Marvels At The Awesome Action Of The Absorbing Man!”¢Then, The Web-Slinger Must Escape The Deadly Plot Of The Puppet Master32 Pgs./All Ages --$2.99 Battle Scars #5 (Of 6)Christopher Yost With Matt Fraction & Cullen Bunn (W) ”¢ Scot Eaton (A)Cover By Carlo Pagulayan”¢ Marcus Johnson’s Life Changes Forever As He Discovers The Truth About Himself – And Orion Stands Revealed!”¢ What Does Nick Fury Have To Do With The Conspiracy At The Heart Of The Marvel Universe?”¢ As The Penultimate Chapter Of The Story That Will Rock The Marvel U Unfolds, No One Comes Out Unscathed!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Thunderbolts #171Jeff Parker (W) ”¢ Kev Walker (A/C)”¢ As The ”˜Bolts Continue Their Escape Through Time, Songbird Escapes For An Island Vacation.”¢ But In Tahiti, A Mad Scientist Sets His Sights On Melissa Gold – But He Ain’t The Only One Mad About It!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Defenders #4Matt Fraction (W) ”¢ Michael Lark (A/C)Cover By Terry DodsonI Am A Defender Variant Also Available”¢ Who Is The Great Lost Love Of Dr. Strange’s Life?”¢ Why Does A Young-Gun Magician Have Strange In His Sights?”¢ What Is The Concordance Engine?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Fear Itself: The Fearless #10 & #11 (Of 12)Cullen Bunn With Matt Fraction & Christopher Yost (W) ”¢ Mark Bagley & Paul Pelletier (A)Covers By Arthur Adams”¢ Valkyrie Stands Alone Against The Terrifying Power Of The D.O.A. While Sin Brings Her Earth-Shattering Plans To Completion!”¢ This Deadly Plot Brings In A Host Of Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, As A Universe Fights For Survival!”¢ Valkyrie Faces A Shocking Fate As The Final Sleeper Awakens On The Road To The Pulse-PoundingClimax Of The Fearless, Don’t Miss It!32 Pgs.(Each)/Rated T+ --$2.99 (Each) *Issue #8 Cover Shown.*Not Final Cover. Ghost Rider #9Rob Williams (W) ”¢ Lee Garbett (A)Cover By Blankas (Kyung-Jin Lee)”¢ Final Giant-Sized Issue!”¢ The Ghost Rider Declares War On Hell To Save The Souls Of Those She Has Damned, No Matter The Consequences!”¢ Will Jonny Blaze Take On The Curse Of The Ghost Rider And Save Alejandra? Can She Even Be Saved?40 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$2.99 Villains For Hire #4 (Of 4)Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (W) ”¢ Renato Arlem (A)Cover By Rodolfo Migliari”¢ Who Will Win The Clash Of The Criminal Masterminds In This Shocking Series Finale?”¢ Featuring Cult Faves Like Tiger Shark, Avalanche, Shocker And Scourge!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Wolverine, Punisher & Ghost Rider: Official Index To The Marvel Universe #8Various (W)”¢ Watch History Unfold As Marvel’s Official Chronicles Continue!”¢ Synopses For Dozens Of Comics — Covering Heroes, Villains, Teams And Equipment, And Providing Vital Chronological And Behind-The-Scenes Information!64 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 The Twelve #11 (Of 12)J. Michael Straczynski (W) ”¢ Chris Weston (A)Cover By Paolo Rivera”¢ The Showdown With The Killer Who’s Been Targeting The Twelve!”¢ Madness! Mayhem! And Did We Mention The Madness?!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Age Of Apocalypse #1Dave Lapham (W) ”¢ Roberto De La Torre (A)Cover By Humberto RamosVariant Cover By Bryan Hitch”¢ Spinning Directly Out Of Uncanny X-Force”¢ The Amazing X-Men Have Lost And The Evil Weapon X Is More Powerful Than Ever.”¢ Jean Grey And Sabretooth Are At Their Lowest”¢ Who Are The X-Terminated?32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$2.99 Astonishing X-Men #48Marjorie Liu (W) ”¢ Mike Perkins (A)Cover By Dustin WeaverAmazing Spider-Man 50Th Anniversary Variant By Tba”¢ New Creative Team! Best-Selling Author Marjorie Liu And Mike Perkins (The Stand).”¢ The X-Men Return To New York City, But It’s Not A Social Call.”¢ Don’t Miss The First Chapter Of What Will Be The Most Controversial Story Of 2012!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Uncanny X-Men #8 & #9Issue #8 Kieron Gillen (W) ”¢ Greg Land (A/C)Issue #9 Kieron Gillen (W) ”¢ Carlos Pacheco (A/C)Issue #8”¢ The Conclusion Of Tabula Rasa!”¢ Namor Does The Unthinkable To Save The Day.32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99Issue #9”¢ Prison Break!”¢ Featuring The Avengers!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Wolverine And The X-Men Alpha & Omega #3 (Of 5)Brian Wood (W) ”¢ Mark Brooks & Roland Boschi (A) Cover By John Tyler Christopher”¢ Quentin Loses Control Over The Construct”¢ Logan’s Health Further Deteriorates, While In The Real World The Berserker Invades The Jean Grey School”¢ Quentin Enters The Construct As A ”˜Player’ To Try And Regain Control Over His Creation32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$3.99 Wolverine And The X-Men #7Jason Aaron (W) ”¢ Nick Bradshaw (A/C)”¢ A Pregnant Kitty Pryde, Broo The Broodling, And An Army Of Bamfs Vs. An All-New, Unstoppable Alien Foe!”¢ Meanwhile, Beast, Iceman, & Rachel Grey Shrink Down Inside Their Friend To Deal With Her--Condition!”¢ Plus, Wolverine Deals With A Problem You Never Thought He’d Face--32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$3.99 Wolverine #302 & #303 Jason Aaron (W) ”¢ Billy Tan & Steven Sanders (A)Issue #302 Cover By Arthur AdamsIssue #303 Cover By Jerome Opeña”¢ Logan, Yukio And Amiko Invade The Secret Cave Headquarters Of The Hand To Save The Silver Samurai”¢ The Big Finale Of The Hand/Yakuza War!”¢ The Puppetmaster Is Finally Revealed”¢ This Ending Will Forever Change The Landscape For Wolverine In Japan.32 Pgs. (Each)/Parental Advisory --$3.99 (Each)Issue #302 Cover Shown. Uncanny X-Force #23Rick Remender (W) ”¢ Greg Tocchini (A)Cover By Leinil Francis Yu”¢ The Trial Of Fantomex Concludes!”¢ The Multiverse Is In Danger, The Captain Britain Corps Is In Shambles And It Is Up To X-Force To Save The Day.”¢ A Terrible Choice Must Be Made For The Protection Of All Reality!32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$3.99 X-Men #26Victor Gischler (W) ”¢ Jorge Molina (A/C)”¢ The X-Men Fight To Rescue Jubilee From The Hands Of Her Vampire Brethren!”¢The Forgiven Fight To Protect Their Own!”¢Featuring The Deadliest Mercenaries In The Entire Marvel Universe!32 Pgs./Rated T--$3.99 X-Men Legacy #263 & #264Issue # 263 Christos Gage (W) ”¢ David Baldeon (A)Issue # 264 Christos Gage (W) ”¢ Rafa Sandoval (A)Issue #263Cover By Mark Brooks”¢ The Final Chapter In The Story Featuring Classic X-Villain Exodus.”¢ Wolverine’s X-Men Are Joined In Battle By Cyclops’ Young X-Men Recruits--To Disastrous Results!32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99*Issue #263 Cover Shown.Issue #264Cover By Mark Brooks”¢ Featuring Mimic And Weapon Omega!”¢ Weapon Omega Is A Mutant Time Bomb, Ready To Explode--And He’s Just Shown Up On The Doorstep Of The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. How Will The X-Men Disarm Him Before He Detonates?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Daken: Dark Wolverine #22 & #23Rob Williams (W) ”¢ Alessandro Vitti (A)Covers By Giuseppe CamuncoliSeries Finale!”¢ Daken’s Terminal Disease Is In Its Final Stages. What Choices Will He Makes When Finally Faced With Death?Will He Die Here And What Will His Final Actions Be?”¢ The Final Confrontation Between Daken And His Father, Wolverine.32 Pgs. (Each) /Parental Advisory --$2.99 (Each) X-23 #21Marjorie Liu (W) ”¢ Phil Noto (A)Cover By Kalman AndrasofskySeries Finale!”¢ X-23’S Globehopping Journey Comes To A Close.”¢ After All This Time Spent Choosing Who She Will Be, Will She Permanently Choose A Team As Well?32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$2.99 New Mutants #39Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (W) ”¢ Leo Fernandez (A)Cover By Kris Anka”¢ Trapped On An Island Consumed By A Super Virus, The New Mutants Fall One By One To The Monstrous Infection...And Begin To Change.”¢ Can Warlock Keep The Virus In Check, Even If It Means Going Against His Friends?32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 X-Factor #233Peter David (W) ”¢ Leonard Kirk (A)Cover By David Yardin”¢ Havok And Polaris Take The Reins Of X-Factor Investigations!”¢ Featuring The Return Of X-Factor Foe The Isolationist.32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 X-Club #4 (Of 4)Simon Spurrier (W) ”¢ Paul Davidson (A)Cover By Rodin Esquejo”¢ The X-Club Fights Nazis! With Science!”¢ And The Villain Responsible For Framing The X-Men Is Revealed--32 Pgs./Rated T+ --$2.99 Generation Hope #17James Asmus (W) ”¢ Takeshi Miyazawa (A)Cover By Salvador Espin”¢ The Mutiny Continues, As The Lights Rebel Against Their Leader!”¢Kenji Vs. Hope For The Final Fate Of The Lights!32 Pgs./Rated T--$2.99 Deadpool #52Daniel Way (W) ”¢ Ale Garza (A)Cover By Dave Johnson”¢ ’Pool’s Epic “Dead” Storyline Continues!”¢ Deadpool Wants To Die--Can He Make It Happen?”¢ Will X-Force Stop Him--Or Pull The Trigger?32 Pgs./Parental Advisory --$2.99 Deadpool Max Ii #6Dave Lapham (W) ”¢ Kyle Baker (A/C)Final Issue!”¢ The Gang’s All Here! Deadpool, Hydra Bob, Cable And Taskmaster Team Up To Take Down The Shadow Government That’s Running The Country.”¢ Death, Betrayal And Fart Jokes!32 Pgs./Explicit Content --$3.99There Is A Strict No Overprint Policy On All Max Titles. Please Check Your Orders And Place Them By The Foc. Supercrooks #1When The Market Is Flooded With Competition And The Authorities Are Always On Your Tail, What’s An All-American Supervillain To Do? Go To Spain, Of Course! From The Writer Who Brought You Kick-Ass And The Artist Of Secret Invasion Comes A New Series About A Team Of Superpowered Ne’er-Do-Wells Looking To Pull Off One Last Heist In The Land Of Bullfighting And Delicious Churros.32 Pgs./Mature --$2.99 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS VOL. 1 HC QUESADA COVERWritten by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDISPenciled by MARK BAGLEYCovers by JOE QUESADA & MARK BAGLEYIn 2000, Marvel launched the Ultimate Universe, reinventing Spider-Man for a new millennium. Now, the first three years of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s fan-favorite, award-winning take on the web-slinger are collected in one oversized volume! Relive Peter Parker’s early days as Spider-Man, learning to fight crime by trial and error as he struggles to balance his new life with the demands of high school: puberty, homework and dating! Even with the help of his best friend and confidante, Mary Jane Watson, Peter has a heavy load to bear. But the neophyte Spider-Man is making enemies left and right — including the Green Goblin, the Kingpin of Crime, Dr. Octopus, Kraven the Hunter and the maniacal Venom — and unless he can rise to the occasion, he may not survive until prom! Collecting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (2000) #1-39 and #1/2.1000 PGS./Rated T+ --$99.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6475-3Trim size: oversizedULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS VOL. 1 HC BAGLEY COVER (DM ONLY)1000 PGS./Rated T+ --$99.99 ”¢ ISBN: 978-0-7851-6498-2 AVENGERS: THE ROAD TO THE AVENGERS TPBWritten by PETER DAVID, CHRISTOS GAGE, JOE CASEY, JUSTIN THEROUX & FRED VAN LENTEPenciled by SEAN CHEN, HUGO PETRUS, BARRY KITSON, RON LIM, TIMOTHY GREEN II, FELIX RUIZ, MATT CAMP, LUKE ROSS, NEIL EDWARDS, JAVI FERNANDEZ & RICH ELSONCover By CHARLIE WEN & PAOLO RIVERAGear up for the Avengers movie with these official, in-continuity stories! First, it’s an expanded re-imagining of the original Iron Man, featuring bonus scenes not in the movie! Next, what happened between the events of Iron Man and Iron Man 2? How did Tony Stark put a new chapter in the history books, and break and rewrite all the rules? Then, it’s Black Widow, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson in espionage action! And finally, Steve Rogers was the inspiration for millions during WWII — but where did he get his inspiration? How did he meet his best friend, “Bucky” Barnes? And what set him on the path to becoming Captain America, the First Avenger? Collecting IRON MAN: I AM IRON MAN! #1-2, IRON MAN 2: PUBLIC IDENTITY #1-3, IRON MAN 2: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST VENGEANCE #1-4.256 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6237-7 AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE HCWritten by ALLAN HEINBERGPenciled by JIM CHEUNG, OLIVIER COIPEL & ALAN DAVISCover By JIM CHEUNGThe Young Avengers return in an epic saga by series creators Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung! When Wiccan’s reality-altering powers begin to rival those of the Scarlet Witch, the young hero sets out on a quest to find her that spans the Marvel Universe and pits Wiccan against both the Avengers and the Young Avengers. But will Wiccan’s desire to solve the mystery of his parentage be his salvation or his undoing? With three words, the Scarlet Witch changed the world forever — and with her return, nothing will ever be the same for the Marvel Universe. This self-contained event reintroduces and redefines the Young Avengers and the Scarlet Witch for the Heroic Age, and is essential reading for any Avengers fan. Collecting AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #1-9, AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE — YOUNG AVENGERS #1 and material from UNCANNY X-MEN #526.248 PGS./Rated T+ --$34.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-3638-5Trim size: oversized AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: AN ORAL HISTORY OF EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES GN-TPBWritten by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDISPenciled by JACK KIRBY, NEAL ADAMS, JOHN BUSCEMA & VARIOUSCover By ARTHUR ADAMSA new, prose retelling of the history of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — as told by the team members themselves! Written by AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS scribe Brian Michael Bendis — and featuring illustrations by all-time great Avengers artists including Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, John Buscema and more. Collecting the backup features from AVENGERS (2010) #1-12 and NEW AVENGERS (2010) #1-11.120 PGS./Rated T+ --$14.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5801-1 ASTONISHING X-MEN BY JOSS WHEDON & JOHN CASSADAY ULTIMATE COLLECTION BOOK 2 TPBWritten by JOSS WHEDONPenciled by JOHN CASSADAYCover By JOHN CASSADAYThe chart-topping super-team of Joss Whedon (Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, RUNAWAYS) and John Cassaday (Planetary, CAPTAIN AMERICA) return! Things go from peculiar to just plain bizarre as Emma Frost’s erratic behavior sends the X-Men into a non-stop downward spiral, and the new Hellfire Club makes its move! Plus: the X-Man destined to destroy the Breakworld stands revealed! Who is it? And will the X-Men be able to protect Earth from certain destruction at the hands of the Breakworld? When it’s all over, nothing will ever be the same! No, really, we mean it! Whedon and Cassaday’s complete saga — acclaimed as “Series of the Year” by Wizard magazine and a “Must Have Gift” by TV Guide — is collected across two softcover volumes. Collecting ASTONISHING X-MEN (2004) #13-24 and GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1.344 PGS./Rated T+ --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6195-0 AVENGERS: LEGION OF THE UNLIVING TPBWritten by STEVE ENGLEHART, ROY THOMAS, DANN THOMAS, LEN KAMINSKI, TOM DEFALCO & KURT BUSIEKPenciled by SAL BUSCEMA, M.C. WYMAN, BOB HALL, JOHN ROMITA JR., KEITH POLLARD, MARSHALL ROGERS, JACKSON GUICE, RON FRENZ, DAVE COCKRUM, PAUL RYAN & GEORGE PEREZCover By GIL KANEIt’s been said that when there’s no more room left in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth! And that’s just what happens when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come face-to-face with various hordes of dearly departed heroes and villains! Featuring the original Human Torch, the Swordsman, the Monster of Frankenstein and Count Nefaria — plus more cantankerous cadavers than you can shake an Uru hammer at! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #131-132, #352-354 and ANNUAL #16; GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #3; AVENGERS WEST COAST #61; and AVENGERS (1998) #10-11.256 PGS./Rated T --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5968-1 AVENGERS: HAWKEYE — SOLO TPBWritten by JEN VAN METER & JIM MCCANNPenciled by ROGER ROBINSON & CLAYTON HENRYCover By JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHERThe arrowed Avenger returns! When a stranger lies dead at the Avengers’ doorstep, Hawkeye won’t let his world be implicated in a grisly murder. But what seems to be a simple killing gives way to a gruesome conspiracy — one Hawkeye can’t walk away from — and one that involves--the Trapster?! Jen Van Meter (BLACK CAT) and Roger Robinson (Batman: Gotham Knights) bring Hawkeye with a vengeance! Plus: Hank Pym and the students of Avengers Academy leave the school behind for a mystery too fantastic to believe! Collecting AVENGERS: SOLO #1-5.136 PGS./Rated T+ --$16.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6071-7 AVENGERS: WEST COAST AVENGERS ASSEMBLE TPBWritten by ROGER STERN & BOB HARRASPenciled by BOB HALL, LUKE MCDONNELL, AL MILGROM, CARMINE INFANTINO & DON HUDSONCover By BOB HALLEarth’s Mightiest Heroes head west! The bigger they are, the harder they hit — and the threats come big, bigger and biggest in this collection of the West Coast Avengers’ early victories against Graviton, Goliath and Maelstrom! Featuring multiple Avengers from multiple rosters! And who was the West Coast Avengers’ real first recruit? Find out here! Collecting WEST COAST AVENGERS (1984) #1-4, IRON MAN ANNUAL #7, AVENGERS (1963) #250 — plus material from AVENGERS (1963) #239, #243-244 and #246; and AVENGERS WEST COAST #100.208 PGS./Rated T --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6223-0 AVENGERS: MYTHOS HCWritten by PAUL JENKINS, ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA, ADAM GLASS, MIKE BENSON, SEAN MCKEEVER, KATHRYN IMMONEN & KYLE HIGGINSPenciled by PAOLO RIVERA, STEPHANIE HANS, DALIBOR TALAJIC, MIRCO PIERFEDERICI, AL BARRIONUEVO & STEPHANE PERGERCover By MARKO DJURDJEVICAvengers origins, updated and reimagined! It’s a fully painted retelling of the earliest days of the gamma-powered Hulk! Witness Steve Rogers’ transformation from a weakling with a heart of steel into Captain America! Revisit the unlikely courtship of the astonishing Ant-Man and the winsome Wasp! Can a lifetime of good deeds make up for Luke Cage’s years spent on the other side of the law? See Pietro and Wanda Maximoff grow from children on the run to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Tasked with destroying the Avengers, the android Vision must defy his creator. And finally, join Thor for a timeless family drama played out against a cosmic backdrop. Collecting MYTHOS: HULK and CAPTAIN AMERICA; and AVENGERS ORIGINS: ANT-MAN & THE WASP, LUKE CAGE, QUICKSILVER & THE SCARLET WITCH, VISION and THOR.208 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5350-4Trim size: oversized ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS VS. NEW ULTIMATES: DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN TPBWritten by MARK MILLARPenciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU & STEPHEN SEGOVIACover By LEINIL FRANCIS YUWhen Earth’s mightiest heroes collide, will Spider-Man pay the ultimate price? Plans for America’s next generation of Super-Soldiers have been stolen and sold to the highest bidder. While Carol Danvers and the Ultimates blame Nick Fury, the leader of the Avengers, for the theft, the black-ops mastermind believes Danvers herself to be the culprit. The teams’ mistrust erupts into violence as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Punisher, War Machine and more collide in the middle of New York City. And Spider-Man is caught in the crossfire! Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS VS. NEW ULTIMATES #1-6.144 PGS./Parental Advisory --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5273-6 MARVEL MASTERWORKS: MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 2 HCWritten by LEN WEINwith GERRY CONWAY & STEVE GERBERPenciled by GIL KANE with ROSS ANDRU, SAL BUSCEMA & DON HECKCover By JOHN ROMITASpider-Man has never had the best luck with friends and when you’re teamed-up with buddies like Ghost Rider and Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night—well, who needs enemies? Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another webslinging Marvel Team-Up Masterworks! Spidey is joined by an unmatched who’s who of the Marvel U. From Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, Mr. Fantastic and Captain Marvel to Ka-Zar, Black Panther, Dr. Strange and Hawkeye, it’s a feast of super heroic proportions for every action/adventure addict. You’ll experience a cross-country course of battles from San Fran to NYC against the Grey Gargoyle, the unnerving Orb, Mole Man, Stegron the Dinosaur Man, Quasimodo, and Xandu, who returns for the first time since his Lee/Ditko debut. And just for good measure, Human Torch and the Hulk pair up against Blastaar the Living Bomb Burst! Collecting MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #12-22 & DAREDEVIL (1964) #103256 PGS/All Ages--$59.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5933-9MARVEL MASTERWORKS: MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 2 HC — VARIANT EDITION VOL. 181 (DM ONLY)256 PGS/All Ages--$59.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5934-6 MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AVENGERS VOL. 4 TPBWritten by STAN LEE & ROY THOMASPenciled by DON HECKCover By GIL KANE & RICHARD ISANOVEAvengers Assemble! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are back in another mighty MARVEL MASTERWORKS volume of top-notch Silver Age classics! So hold on tight as Captain America, Goliath, the Wasp, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch battle the villainous Sons of the Serpent, the Living Laser, Ultrana and no less than the scheming Sub-Mariner himself! This one’s a packed-to-the-gills thriller — with guest-appearances by Iron Man, Black Widow, Hercules and Nick Fury; the first appearance of Giant-Man-to-be Bill Foster; and the beginning of AVENGERS storyteller supreme Roy Thomas’ amazing run,! Reserve your copy today, True Believer! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #31-40.224 PGS./All Ages --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6360-2MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AVENGERS VOL. 4 TPB — VARIANT EDITION VOL. 38 (DM ONLY)224 PGS./All Ages --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6372-5 X-MEN: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HCWritten by DENNIS HOPELESSPenciled by JAMIE MCKELVIECover By JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCOWelcome to the X-Men’s first year — hope you survive the experience! Professor Charles Xavier has recruited five of the most powerful mutants he’s ever seen to save a world that hates and fears them. But there’s only one problem: They’re teenagers who have to survive hormones and uncontrollable super-powers, all while fighting for their very lives. So right now’s the perfect time for Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants — along with the Sentinels, Unus the Untouchable and more — to make their bids for control of the world, right? The first class of X-Men are forged in the fires of combat in ways you’ve never seen before. You only think you know the story! Also features UNCANNY X-MEN (2012) #1 by Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco!136 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5645-1Trim size: standard DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HCWritten by ANTONY JOHNSTONPenciled by WELLINTON ALVESCover By JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCOMeet Matt Murdock, one of New York’s finest attorneys by day and swashbuckling crime-fighter Daredevil by night! Discover the dark secrets behind his first days in the costume, as the man without sight became the man without fear—and one of the greatest heroes in comic history. Daredevil faces off against the Owl, Purple Man and Mr. Fear for the first time--but it’s not what you remember! Also features DAREDEVIL #1 by Mark Waid, Paulo Rivera and Marcos Martin!136 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5643-7 SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE PREMIERE HCWritten by CULLEN BUNNPenciled by NEIL EDWARDSCover By JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCOThe greatest origin story of all time, retold for a new generation. Also includes AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #1 by Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira!136 PGS./All Ages --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5820-2Trim size: standard SPIDER-MAN: THE GRAPHIC NOVELS HCWritten by SUSAN PUTNEY, GERRY CONWAY, CHARLES VESS & STAN LEEPenciled by BERNI WRIGHTSON, ALEX SAVIUK, CHARLES VESS & ROSS ANDRUCover By CHARLES VESSSeveral of the Amazing Spider-Man’s most extraordinary adventures take the spotlight in this fabulous collection! From being whisked away to a bizarre fantasy world inhabited by a creature of near limitless power to dealing with unruly ghosts in an ancient Scottish castle, things have never been weirder for our hapless hero! Plus: The secret history of Peter and Mary Jane is revealed in a moving, timelesstale — and the action turns up a notch as Spidey teams with Silver Sable to face a Nazi menace! Featuring the villainy of Doc Ock and the Hellfire Club! Collecting MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #22: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN — HOOKY, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: PARALLEL LIVES, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: SPIRITS OF THE EARTH HC and SPIDER-MAN: FEAR ITSELF.288 PGS./Rated T+ --$34.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6065-6Trim size: oversized SHATTERED HEROES HCWritten by ED BRUBAKER, MATT FRACTION, JEPH LOEB, DAVID LAPHAM, CHRIS YOST, FRED VAN LENTE & BRIAN MICHAEL BENDISPenciled by JACKSON GUICE, ADAM KUBERT, SALVADOR LARROCA, JAVIER PULIDO, ED MCGUINNESS, ROBERTO DE LA TORRE, RYAN STEGMAN, TERRY DODSON & BRYAN HITCHCover By JACKSON GUICE, ADAM KUBERT & SALVADOR LARROCAIn the wake of FEAR ITSELF, the Marvel Universe’s heroes are shattered! See how life has been forever altered for Captain America, as Marvel’s heroes hold a wake for fallen friends Bucky Barnes and Thor. Meanwhile, Odin decides the final fate of Asgard — and it will never be the same. Then, Tony Stark squares off against Odin — and before it’s all over, Tony’s darkest secret is leaked to the world! Plus: The future of the Marvel Universe is unveiled as seven stories set the stage for everything coming your way in 2012, brought to you by the biggest names in the comics industry. Catch the opening act of the biggest changes to the Marvel Universe in more than 35 years! Collecting FEAR ITSELF #7.1: CAPTAIN AMERICA, FEAR ITSELF #7.2: THOR, FEAR ITSELF #7.3: IRON MAN and POINT ONE.128 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6345-9Trim size: oversized DEATHLOK: THE LIVING NIGHTMARE OF MICHAEL COLLINS PREMIERE HC Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE & GREGORY WRIGHTPenciled by JACKSON GUICE & DENYS COWANCovers by JOE JUSKO & DENYS COWANThe war machine — for peace! In 1990, the time-traveling cyborg star of the seventies’ ASTONISHING TALES was literally reinvented to protect the present instead of the future! Terrorism, revolution and giant robot ants come together in Michael Collins’ first few issues on the job! Guest-starring Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the X-Men’s Sunfire! Collecting DEATHLOK (1990) #1-4.208 PGS./Rated T+ --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5988-9Trim size: standardDEATHLOK: THE LIVING NIGHTMARE OF MICHAEL COLLINS PREMIERE HC — VARIANT EDITION VOL. 94 (DM ONLY)208 PGS./Rated T+ --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5989-6 CLOAK & DAGGER: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT PREMIERE HC Written by BILL MANTLO & AL MILGROMPenciled by ED HANNIGAN, AL MILGROM, RON FRENZ, TONY SALMONS, RICK LEONARDI & KERRY GAMMILLCovers by AL MILGROM & ED HANNIGANCreated by the underworld — sworn to destroy it! Cloak and Dagger hit the streets to fight organized crime and super villainy! When they set their sights on the Kingpin, Spider-Man thinks they’re going too far, but his webs can’t rein them in! Plus: The Punisher’s on the prowl, and it’s a problem for everybody! Guest-starring the Black Cat, the New Mutants and the Spidey supporting players of yesteryear! Collecting PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1972) #64, #69-70, #81-82 and #94-96; MARVEL TEAM-UP ANNUAL #6; and MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #19.264 PGS./Rated T --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6129-5Trim size: standardCLOAK & DAGGER: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT PREMIERE HC — VARIANT EDITION VOL. 93 (DM ONLY)264 PGS./Rated T --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6130-1 SPIDER-MAN: PERCEPTIONS PREMIERE HCWritten by TODD MCFARLANEPenciled by TODD MCFARLANECover By TODD MCFARLANESpider-Man artist extraordinaire Todd McFarlane continues his unique take on everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler! When young boys’ bodies begin to surface and rumors of a murderous Bigfoot hit the news, Peter Parker journeys to the Great White North to investigate. But he discovers more than he bargained for when both Wolverine and Wendigo arrive on the scene! And as savage as he is, is Wendigo truly responsible for the boys’ deaths — or is the truth far more sinister? Collecting SPIDER-MAN (1990) #8-12.120 PGS./Rated T --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6052-6Trim size: standardSPIDER-MAN: PERCEPTIONS PREMIERE HC — VARIANT EDITION VOL. 95 (DM ONLY)120 PGS./Rated T --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6053-3 FEAR ITSELF: YOUTH IN REVOLT PREMIERE HCWritten by SEAN MCKEEVERPenciled by MIKE NORTONCover By GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLICollecting FEAR ITSELF: YOUTH IN REVOLT #1-6.144 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5701-4Trim size: standard FEAR ITSELF: DRACULA PREMIERE HCWritten by VICTOR GISCHLERPenciled by RYAN STEGMAN, GORAN PARLOV, DALIBOR TALAJIC & GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLICover By GABRIELLE DELL’OTTOCollecting FEAR ITSELF: HULK VS. DRACULA #1-3, TOMB OF DRACULA PRESENTS: THRONE OF BLOOD and DEATH OF DRACULA.152 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6350-3Trim size: standard FEAR ITSELF: SPIDER-MAN PREMIERE HCWritten by CHRIS YOST, CULLEN BUNN, CHRISTOS GAGE, JEFF PARKER, JEN VAN METER, FRANK TIERI, GREG PAK & TOM DEFALCOPenciled by MIKE MCKONE, TOM GRUMMETT, ELIA BONETTI, DECLAN SHALVEY, CLAYTON HENRY, ERIC CANETE, LEE WEEKS & MARIO ALBERTICover By MARKO DJURDJEVICManhattan is gripped in violent panic. Peter Parker hasn’t slept in days. Spider-Man cannot — WILL not — stop if there are people to be saved. But as the opening salvos of FEAR ITSELF take their toll, will Spidey be able to fight his own doubts? Plus: Ben Grimm, one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, is now an avatar of the Serpent, cutting an unstoppable path of destruction through the heart of New York! How did the Serpent’s Hammer seduce him? And can he be stopped before he levels the entire city in the name of his dark master? And finally, the secrets of FEAR ITSELF’s Hammer-wielders are revealed! Get up to speed on the origins of the Worthy, the foes shattering the Marvel Universe’s very core! Collecting FEAR ITSELF SPIDER-MAN #1-3, FEAR ITSELF: FF and FEAR ITSELF: THE WORTHY.128 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5804-2Trim size: standard JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: FEAR ITSELF FALLOUT PREMIERE HCWritten by ROB RODI & KIERON GILLENPenciled by PASQUAL FERRY, RICH ELSON & WHILCE PORTACIOCover By STEPHANIE HANSEveryone in Asgard remembers Loki’s previous life — but they’re all strangers to him, and fully intend to keep it that way. Desperate, Loki conjures up a mystical means of eavesdropping on their private thoughts — but what he learns doesn’t make him happy. And the lesson may cost him his life! Plus: There’s a story bartenders tell about the devil. That at closing time, he chooses a bar and walks in the door. He’ll want to talk about his day. If you listen and survive, he’ll give you a tip. The story isn’t true, but occasionally it amuses Mephisto to play along. And when he’s spent the day spying on all the gods and what exactly they’re going to do about FEAR ITSELF, you’ll want to hear what he has to say. Collecting JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #626.1 and #627-631.144 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5261-3Trim size: standard SECRET AVENGERS VOL. 3: RUN THE MISSION. DON’T GET CAUGHT. SAVE THE WORLD. PREMIERE HCWritten by WARREN ELLISPenciled by JAMIE MCKELVIE, KEV WALKER, DAVID AJA, MICHAEL LARK, ALEX MALEEV & MIKE DEODATO JR.Cover By JOHN CASSADAYWarren Ellis pens six standalone tales that plunge the Secret Avengers into a world of underground black-ops insanity they could never have imagined! A forgotten underground metropolis, Yugoslavian bio-terror, a world-threatening bomb from a broken universe, an ancient and terrible threat mined by drug lords, a time-travel adventure to save the team, and a dangerous investigation into the offices of O*N*E — can the Secret Avengers triumph over the hidden horrors of the world? Collecting SECRET AVENGERS #16-21.144 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5255-2Trim size: standard WOLVERINE: GOODBYE, CHINATOWN PREMIERE HCWritten by JASON AARONPenciled by RON GARNEY & RENATO GUEDESCover By RON GARNEYSpinning out of the landmark events of X-MEN SCHISM! It’s a new day for Wolverine, but first he has one last bit of old business to deal with in Chinatown. Journey to the stronghold of the world’s newest, most powerful drug dealer — at the center of the earth. There, Logan finds two fierce and unlikely new allies: the Agents of Atlas’ Gorilla Man and the Immortal Weapon Fat Cobra! Then, it’s a prelude to the biggest Wolverine arc in years. War is brewing between Hand ninjas and Yakuza gangsters, and it brings Wolverine face-to-face with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. What mysterious former love interests have come along for the ride? And who’s behind this war, anyway? Do you like surprises? If so, then don’t miss this story — it offers up a doozy. Collecting WOLVERINE (2010) #17-20.112 PGS./Parental Advisory --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6141-7Trim size: standard DEADPOOL VOL. 10: EVIL DEADPOOL PREMIERE HCWritten by DANIEL WAYPenciled by SALVADOR ESPINCover By NICK BRADSHAWWhat would happen if a collection of Deadpool’s frozen, severed body parts were to be thrown into a dumpster and then, once thawed, fuse together to form a new — and totally evil — Deadpool? Well, we could tell you — but it’d be way cooler if you read it for yourself! Collecting DEADPOOL (2008) #45-49 and #49.1.144 PGS./Parental Advisory --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6241-4Trim size: standard ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN BY NICK SPENCER VOL. 1 PREMIERE HCWritten by NICK SPENCERPenciled by PACO MEDINACover By KAARE ANDREWSThe biggest mutant cover-up has gone public as the true history of the X-Gene is revealed. The U.S. government has been outed as the X-Gene’s creator, and mutants have been branded terrorists. As an identity crisis rocks the mutant world, the mistrust between man and x-man gets deeper — and it is during this insanity that the X-Men emerge. Who are the X-Men? And how will they fare in a world in which they’re criminals? Will these outlaw mutants be willing to defend mankind when all humanity cries out for their imprisonment? Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #1-6.144 PGS./Rated T+ --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-4015-3Trim size: standard UNCANNY X-MEN BY KIERON GILLEN VOL. 1 PREMIERE HCWritten by KIERON GILLENPenciled by CARLOS PACHECO & BRANDON PETERSONCover By CARLOS PACHECOIn the wake of SCHISM, UNCANNY X-MEN starts over. What is to become of Cyclops and the mutants who side with him after the big split? And what does it have to do with the resurrected Mr. Sinister? The hottest new writer in the business, Kieron Gillen (THOR), and superstar artist Carlos Pacheco (ULTIMATE AVENGERS) bring you the biggest and baddest X-Men you’ve ever seen. Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (2012) #1-4.112 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5993-3Trim size: standard ELEKTRA BY GREG RUCKA ULTIMATE COLLECTION TPBWritten by GREG RUCKAPenciled by CHUCK AUSTEN, JOE BENNETT, CARLO PAGULAYAN, CARLOS MEGLIA & GREG HORNCover By GREG HORNImmerse yourself in the world of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous assassin as acclaimed writer Greg Rucka takes Elektra Natchios — a woman trained in the ninja arts by both the Chaste and the Hand, the epitomes of purest good and foulest evil — on a soul-searching journey into her own mind. Taken hostage by a deadly adversary, Elektra is forced to confront her murderous past and realizes she must change or die. But first, she needs to discover the shocking truth about who has set out to destroy her career — and why! A shaken Elektra decides to amend her murderous ways — but will she be able to reach out for help, and find a life beyond killing and death? Collecting ELEKTRA (2001) #7-22 and material from MARVEL KNIGHTS DOUBLE-SHOT #3.384 PGS./Parental Advisory --$34.99br>ISBN: 978-0-7851-6393-0 SECRET WARRIORS VOL. 6: WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS TPBWritten by JONATHAN HICKMANPenciled by ALESSANDRO VITTICover By PAUL RENAUDCollecting SECRET WARRIORS #25-28.112 PGS./Rated T+ --$14.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5815-8 THUNDERBOLTS: THE GREAT ESCAPE TPBWritten by JEFF PARKERPenciled by KEV WALKER & DECLAN SHALVEYCover By PASQUAL FERRYCollecting THUNDERBOLTS #163-168 and #163.1.168 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6170-7 LEGION OF MONSTERS TPBWritten by DENNIS HOPELESSPenciled by JUAN DOECover By JUAN DOEA monster adventure to scream over! Elsa Bloodstone hates monsters — and when the trail of a mysterious serial killer leads to their underground city, Elsa’s ready to kick some horrific butt. Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, the Living Mummy and the slithery Manphibian have news for her, though: The monsters are innocent, and the real killer is out there — a creature so terrifying and vicious even monsters are scared to death! And now, Elsa Bloodstone and the Legion of Monsters are on the case! Collecting LEGION OF MONSTERS (2011) #1-4.96 PGS./Rated T+ --$15.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-4057-3 SPIDER-MAN: THE RETURN OF ANTI-VENOM TPBWritten by DAN SLOTT & CHRISTOS GAGEPenciled by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI, RYAN STEGMAN & HUMBERTO RAMOSCover By FRANK CHOEddie Brock is back — and trying to be a hero. Now he just needs to prove it to Spider-Man. Thing is, he cuts a mean swath as Anti-Venom — that huge, hulking, monstrous persona with the sharp teeth and slathering tongue that scares the dickens out of criminals and civilians alike. So this new hero gig is going to be a tough sell. But as soon as Anti-Venom can convince Spidey they’re after the same bad guy — the split-personality crime lord Mr. Negative — they’ll have to figure out whether the second coming of the Wraith is a partner in their war on crime, or something more sinister. Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #663-665 and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011: SPIDER-MAN.120 PGS./Rated T+ --$15.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5109-8d VENOM BY RICK REMENDER VOL. 1 TPBWritten by RICK REMENDERPenciled by TONY MOORE & TOM FOWLERCover By JOE QUESADAA new Venom for a new era! Flash Thompson is Spider-Man’s biggest fan. That hero worship inspired him to enlist in the Army, where he became a decorated veteran and war hero. And though he lost his legs, Flash never lost his dignity — or his desire to serve. Now, the government has offered him a chance to be a hero once again — to don the alien symbiote that grants its wearer powers similar to those of Spider-Man, but also puts them at risk of permanently bonding with the parasitic creature. Flash Thompson is Venom, the government’s most lethal special operative — sent into the hottest of hot zones against the worst enemies of the state. He’s fought tough foes before, but the toughest opponent he faces may just be himself. Collecting VENOM (2011) #1-5.120 PGS./Rated T+ --$16.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5677-2 DEADPOOL VOL. 8: OPERATION ANNIHILATION TPBWritten by DANIEL WAY & JOE KELLYPenciled by SHELDON VELLA, BONG DAZO & ED MCGUINNESSCover By DAVE JOHNSONDeadpool travels home to Earth, but Macho Gomez is waiting for him, and he’s brought some of Deadpool’s old “friends” — including Hydra Bob, Big Bertha, Taskmaster and Blind Al. They all have one thing in common: Wade screwed them, and they want his hide! Then, Wade gets what he’s always wanted: a chance to die! With his ridonkulous healing factor, Wade can’t be killed by any ordinary Joe — so he finds the biggest, strongest, greenest and angriest guy in the Marvel Universe: the Incredible Hulk! It’s a last-man-standing battle between the Green Goliath and the Merc with a Mouth — a battle Wade’s trying to lose. The question is, can he? Plus: In a bonus tale of Deadpool past, Wade must procure a vial of the Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood! Collecting DEADPOOL (2008) #36-39 and DEADPOOL (1997) #4.112 PGS./Parental Advisory --$15.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5890-5 X-MEN: FIRST TO LAST TPBWritten by CHRIS YOSTPenciled by PACO MEDINA & DALIBOR TALAJICCover By ED MCGUINNESSThe Evolutionaries have arrived to save mutantkind. All it will cost is the lives of all seven billion human beings on Earth! Charged with aiding emerging species and helping ensure their survival, the Evolutionaries have judged that mutants are genetically superior to humans. But since humanity has hunted mutants to near-extinction, all humans must now die so mutantkind can live. And so must Cyclops, an unfit leader who doesn’t share the Evolutionaries’ vision. Does the X-Men’s past hold the key to their future — and that of humanity, as well? Collecting X-MEN (2010) #12-15 and X-MEN: GIANT-SIZE #1.136 PGS./Rated T+ --$15.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5288-0 ANNIHILATORS: EARTHFALL TPBWritten by DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNINGPenciled by TAN ENG HUAT, TIMOTHY GREEN IICover By ALEX GARNERFrom the fallout of ANNIHILATION and the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy, an all-too-familiar cosmic threat has returned, this time with Earth as his beachhead. His followers span a thousand worlds, awaiting only the word to begin new wars in his name--unless Gladiator, Quasar, Ronan, Ikon and Beta-Ray Bill — the all-new Annihilators — can silence him first! So why are the Avengers standing in their way, and what are the true stakes if either side fails? Plus: It’s Mojo versus Rocket Raccoon and Groot onstage for a high-stakes campy cosmic free-for-all! Collecting ANNIHILATORS: EARTHFALL #1-4.112 PGS./Rated T+ --$14.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5904-9 SPIDER-MAN & THE NEW WARRIORS: THE HERO KILLERS TPBWritten by DAVID MICHELINIE, ERIC FEIN, TOM BREVOORT, MIKE KANTEROVICH, GLENN HERDLING, ALAN BARNUM & FABIAN NICIEZAPenciled by SCOTT MCDANIEL, AARON LOPRESTI, SCOTT KOLINS, VINCE EVANS, TOD SMITH, BRANDON PETERSON & STEVE BUCCELLATOCover By MARK BAGLEYSpider-Man and the New Warriors delve into the mystery surrounding the disappearances of several super heroes — but their investigating leads them to more than they can handle when they witness the resurrection of the supremely powerful Sphinx! Also included in this wondrous, web-filled volume are tales of the Black Cat, Cloak & Dagger and Venom! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #26; PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #12; WEB OF SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL 8 and NEW WARRIORS ANNUAL #2.232 PGS./Rated T --$24.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5967-4 MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1960s TPBWritten by variousPenciled by variousCover By JACK KIRBY & STEVE DITKOCollecting RAWHIDE KID (1955) #17; material from AMAZING ADVEN-TURES (1961) #1; FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #1; material from TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #27, #51 and #70; INCREDIBLE HULK (1962) #1; material from AMAZING FANTASY #15; material from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83; material from STRANGE TALES (1951) #101, #110 and #135; TWO-GUN KID #60; material from TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #39, #49 and #59; SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS #1; AVENGERS (1963) #1; X-MEN (1963) #1; DAREDEVIL (1964) #1; GHOST RIDER (1967) #1; MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #12 and #19-20, CAPTAIN SAVAGE #1; and material from SILVER SURFER (1968) #1.488 PGS./All Ages --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5864-6 MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1970s VOL. 1 TPBWritten by variousPenciled by variousCover By VARIOUSCollecting AMAZING ADVENTURES (1970) #1, #11 and #18; SAVAGE TALES (1971) #1; MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #1-2 and #5; MARVEL FEATURE (1971) #1; MAR-VEL PREMIERE #1: TOMB OF DRACULA #1; HERO FOR HIRE #1; COMBAT KELLY & THE DEADLY DOZEN #1; OUTLAW KID (1970) #10; GUNHAWKS #1; THE CAT #1: SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL (1972) #1; and MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #1.392 PGS./Rated T+ --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6380-0 MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1970s VOL. 2 TPBWritten by variousPenciled by variousCover By VARIOUSMarvel’s exploration of the sensational seventies continues, with an extra-sized emphasis on mutants and monsters! See the ongoing debuts of Brother Voodoo; Deathlok; Iron Fist; Man-Wolf; Howard the Duck; the All-New, All-Different X-Men; WWII’s Invaders and others! Cyborgs, war, horror, heroes and more — it’s the Marvel 1970s laid bare! Collecting material from TALES OF THE ZOMBIE (1973) #1, material from VAMPIRE TALES #1-2, SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS #5, STRANGE TALES (1951) #169 and #174, MARVEL FEATURE (1971) #11, JUNGLE ACTION (1972) #6, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #12, ASTONISHING TALES (1970) #21 and #25, material from DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #1, MARVEL PREMIERE #15, CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #30, material from HAUNT OF HORROR (1974) #2, WAR IS HELL #9, material from MONSTERS UNLEASHED #10, material from GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #4, GIANT-SIZE INVADERS #1, and GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1.400 PGS./Rated T+ --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6381-7 CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEATH OF THE RED SKULL TPBWritten by J.M. DEMATTEIS, BILL MANTLO, MICHAEL ELLIS & MIKE CARLINPenciled by RON FRENZ, HERB TRIMPE & PAUL NEARYCover By MIKE ZECKOne of the Sentinel of Liberty’s greatest conflicts with his hated arch-nemesis is finally collected! Join Cap & Co. — including Nomad, the Black Crow, the Avengers and more — as Marvel’s First Avenger must contend with the diabolical daughter of the Red Skull, survive the Secret Wars and overcome an untimely encounter with old age — all before one stupendous showdown with Herr Skull that will leave you gaping in star-spangled wonder! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #290-301.288 PGS./Rated T --$29.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5986-5 OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE A TO Z VOL. 4 TPBWritten by VARIOUSCover By TOM GRUMMETTAT LAST! The landmark, encyclopedia-style OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE hardcover series finally is reprinted in softcover format! Each volume has corrected any errors in all profiles — and features an all-new, 16-page “Where Are They Now?” update addendum with text and art! An indispensable resource for all true Marvel fans!VOL. 4 spotlights hundreds of characters beginning with E, F and G — including Eternity, Excalibur, Fantastic Four, Fin Fang Foom, Emma Frost, Nick Fury, Galactus, Gambit, two Ghost Riders, Gravity and the Guardians of the Galaxy!256 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5833-2 WOLVERINE & NICK FURY: SCORPIO TPBWritten by ARCHIE GOODWIN, TOM DEFALCO & HOWARD CHAYKINPenciled by HOWARD CHAYKIN, JOHN BUSCEMA & SHAWN MCMANUSCover By HOWARD CHAYKINWolverine and Nick Fury — as both allies and adversaries! When they embark on a mission to stop the criminal mastermind Scorpio, Ma Fury’s favorite son has very personal reasons for wanting to bring in the villain alive. But what happens when Logan wants him dead? You just know sparks are gonna fly! Plus: Wolverine again clashes with Fury when he tracks down a child-abusing drug peddler — but finds Fury protecting him?! Thrill to the exploits of Marvel’s two long-lived espionage experts in these extra-sized tales of intrigue guaranteed to deliver! Collecting WOLVERINE/NICK FURY: THE SCORPIO CONNECTION, WOLVERINE: BLOODY CHOICES and WOLVERINE & NICK FURY: SCORPIO RISING.184 PGS./Rated T+ --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-5348-1 INCREDIBLE HULK: PAST PERFECT TPBWritten by PAUL JENKINS, SEAN MCKEEVER, FABIAN NICIEZA, CHRISTOPHER PRIEST & ERIK LARSENPenciled by KYLE HOTZ, JOHN ROMITA JR., JOE BENNETT, JON BOGDANOVE & JORGE LUCASCover By JOHN ROMITA JR.The Hulk’s tortured soul is pushed to its limits when one of his oldest and deadliest foes kills the person dearest to him. After seeking revenge in the only way he knows how, the Hulk attempts to find peace. But just when it seems he’s found it, an old pal named Joe Fixit makes him realize all is not as it seems. But wait — isn’t Joe Fixit the same person as the Hulk? Featuring the Abomination, Jarella, Doc Samson, Rick Jones, the Fantastic Four, Captain America and more! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) #21-33 and ANNUAL 2001.368 PGS./Rated T+ --$39.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6214-8 ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED BOOK 2 — THE INGENUE TPBWritten by LAURELL K. HAMILTON & JESS RUFFNER-BOOTHPenciled by RON LIMCover By BRETT BOOTHBest-selling author Laurell K. Hamilton’s heroine is back! Animator Anita Blake’s search for a serial killer takes her to a dangerous after-hours joint in St. Louis. But things go from bad to worse when a visit to the morgue turns into a bloodbath! Larry Kirkland, St. Louis’ newest animator, has bitten off than any novice animator can chew. Anita Blake is on call to pull his fat out of the fire, but a series of vampire attacks are keeping her hands full. Can Anita and Larry triumph over the venomous Mr. Oliver, or will the vampire pack hounding Anita for the Master of the City’s identity cost them dearly? Laurell K. Hamilton’s beloved heroine turns up the heat in a story that will leave fans begging for more! Collecting ANITA BLAKE: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED — THE INGENUE #1-5.120 PGS./Mature --$16.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-4691-9 ESSENTIAL HULK VOL. 2 TPB(ALL-NEW EDITION)Written by variousPenciled by variousCover By VARIOUSCollecting TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #92-101 and INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #102-117 & ANNUAL #1.520 PGS./All Ages --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6418-0 ESSENTIAL HULK VOL. 3 TPB(ALL-NEW EDITION)Written by variousPenciled by variousCover By VARIOUSCollecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #118-142, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #20-21 and AVENGERS (1963) #88.576 PGS./All Ages --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6419-7 ESSENTIAL X-MEN VOL. 10 TPBWritten by CHRIS CLAREMONT, WALTER SIMONSON & LOUISE SIMONSONPenciled by BILL JAASKA, MIKE COLLINS, JIM LEE, WHILCE PORTACIO, ARTHUR ADAMS, MARK HEIKE, JACKSON GUICE, ROB LIEFELD, GUANG YAP, TERRY SHOEMAKER, CHRIS WOZNIAK, JON BOGDANOVE & JOHN CAPONIGROCover By JIM LEEThe X-Men’s adventures from the awesome ’80s and early ’90s continue! The X-Men and their many spinoff teams find themselves faced with some of their most challenging threats, in classic stories like “Days of Future Present” and “X-Tinction Agenda.” Featuring such allies and antagonists as Gambit, the New Mutants, Shadow King, Orphan Maker and Cameron Hodge — from potential dystopian futures to all-out war in Genosha, this one has it all! Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #265-272 and ANNUAL #14, , NEW MUTANTS (1983) #95-97, and X-FACTOR (1986) #60-62 — plus material from FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #23, NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #6 and X-FACTOR ANNUAL #5.512 PGS./Rated T --$19.99ISBN: 978-0-7851-6324-4