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Is Marvel Comics Going With A New Nova? Point One Reboot?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/27/2011 - 16:36

Shades of Quasar!

Yesterday saw the release of a teaser featuring Nova as part of Marvel's massive one shot, Point One, that sets up the future of the M.U. for things to come.

Nova fans immediately noted the different look of this version of Nova, compared to the previous, Richard Rider, who spotlighted the critically acclaimed relaunch of Marvel Cosmic with Annihilation.

Thanks to CBN Forum member, Norch, we can check out the differences below.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below or head on over to the Return of Nova thread in the CBN Forums.

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Comparison time:
• Both helmets, the Nova Prime and the new black Nova, have some similar features but are two distinct helmets.
If you look at the Prime helmet it kicks up at either side before it cuts downwards to the mouth opening; giving it an upside bucket look. Whereas, The black Nova helmet also does this but it is more of a feature now and cut outwards, creating a faceplate look as it lines up with the "chin strap." 
• The chin strap isn't a chin strap at all but the edge of the helmet. The black Nova wears a full helmet to protect him in space. 
• As Doug pointed out, there is a reflection, or what seems to be a reflection, on his left cheek, possibly indicating clear shielding over the mouth and nose area. 
• The Nova Prime's energy conduits on his chest are surrounded by gold plating. The black Nova seems to have no gold plating and it looks more like the regular Nova uniform but with the circles lit up due to him being in rocket mode. 
• The Nova Prime upper body is shielded in blue armour, including his arms. Only lower ranked Novas sport the gold coloured arms on their uniforms. The black Nova has gold coloured arms on his uniform. 
• The Nova Prime has an 8-pointed star on his helmet, reserved for rank of Prime. The "Black Nova" has a 4-pointed star on his helmet, which is the rank of Denarian. 
• We can't see all of this black Nova but we can see 2 circles on his chest, which is also an indicator of Denarian rank.