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Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso Spoils Avengers Academy #23

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/24/2011 - 13:40

picHey, why not. Marvel spoils all their "big" stories for their readers.

This time, Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso in his latest column over at CBR, made it known that Striker of Avengers Academy "just came out of the closet."

"Also, Striker just came out of the closet in “Avengers Academy."

Yup, he's gay.

Thing is, the issue hasn't come out yet.

Writer Christos Gage ran over to his twitter account to inform readers to make sure they pick it up.

"Regarding Striker: Make sure to pick up AVENGERS ACADEMY #23 in a couple weeks. I'll have a lot more to say when the story's out!"

"Check out issue #23 in about 3 weeks!"

Avengers Academy has gone through a couple recent shifts in the last few months. Initially, it was set up to springboard a group of teenagers that were found and trained by Norman Osborn -- to stop them from becoming villains. However, sales weren't that spectacular (though the book was excellent), and I believe, Marvel instead chose to can that angle, making the Academy a school for all gifted youngsters/future Avengers. This saw a couple of their teachers leave including Justice and Speedball. In addition, new characters are/were brought on board such as X-23, whose own title was recently cancelled.

Now did Alonso simply make a mistake when he spilled the beans? Well, DC did have their own gay teen super hero debut this week in the pages of Teen Titans #3.

Playing catch up?

Info via Bleeding Cool.