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Marvel Comics Announces Ultron Forever

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 11/26/2014 - 10:07


Marvel Comics has announced a new three oversized issue event with "Ultron Forever," which sees Avengers from various timelines come together to stop the robotic menace.

LA Times reports that "Ultron Forever" will be a 90-page story unfolding in Avengers: Ultron Forever # 1, New Avengers: Ultron Forever # 1 and Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever.

Al Ewing will be writing the series, with art by Alan Davis.

"Ultron Forever" is "set some 50 years from now in a dystopian future in which Ultron, an automaton hellbent on destroying humanity, has won" and "will gather current iterations of Black Widow, the Vision and the female Thor as well as classic versions of Thor and the Hulk, James “Rhodey” Rhodes as Iron Man, and a never-before-seen future Captain America — the daughter of Netflix-bound Marvel heroes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. They are ostensibly transported through time via Doctor Doom’s time machine in order to defeat Ultron, though there might be more to their arrival than is initially revealed."

Regarding the new Captain America in the story, Danielle Cage, Ewing offered:

“She’s very strong, and she’s as bulletproof as her mom and dad were,” Ewing said. “She has the Captain America shield with an anti-gravity unit in it, which she can sort of control with a unit on her glove. I’m going back to the days of the ‘60s where, for about five minutes, Captain America worked his shield with magnets. She’s not throwing the shield so much as flying it out, and then it ricochets off of people and comes back to her. It’s pretty cool.”

"Ultron Forever" will be released around April in May, in time for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.