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Marvel Announces New Thunderbolts

Matt McGloin
Posted: 01/22/2016 - 22:06


Following the earlier teaser images, Marvel has now unveiled the new team of Thunderbolts, which will be led by the Winter Soldier, and also featuring Moonstone, the Fixer, Atlas, and MACH-V.

Jim Zub will write the new Thunderbolts with Jon Malin on art; the series is said to tie into the upcoming "Avengers Standoff" event which kicks off in April.


"Super villains looking for redemption I think is the ultimate strength and heart of Thunderbolts and sets it apart from everything out there,” argues Malin. “These characters have done very bad things—willingly. No one mind controlled them, they made choices of their own free will and that can never be fully taken back. That motivates me beyond belief to tell this story.”

“We all look for redemption in one form or another, this is universal and that’s the appeal,” he continues. “Also the lesson of be careful who you trust because when you need them the most they might not be the person you thought they were. They may, in fact, be the one putting the knife in your back, willingly and without hesitation.”

“Doing the right thing is different than being ‘good,’” Zub elaborates. “We’ve assembled a potent mix of characters to explore that theme with big drama, big action, and unexpected twists along the way. The new team is stacked with powerful personalities and a mission that’s going to tear them up and get right to their core. I’m excited about putting them in tough spots and letting the sparks fly.”