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Marvel Announces New MU Following Secret Wars

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 05/18/2015 - 12:52


Following deleted tweets by a Marvel writer that stated Marvel is rebooting following Secret Wars, now Marvel has unveiled a teaser for the "NEW MU."

The aftermath of Secret Wars will find the various Marvel titles jumping ahead 8 months, similar to the recent "Time Runs Out" or DC's "One Year Later" storylines (as well as NEW MU obviously similar sounding to "New 52").

Marvel's Tom Brevoort offered the following (via Newsarama):

“In the same way that events jumped forward in time eight months in Avengers and New Avengers during the lead-up to Secret Wars, so too when we enter the new Marvel Universe eight months will have passed for all of the characters as well. This provides our creators, even apart from Secret Wars, to drop into exciting new situations and status quos on the fly. So look for surprises and mysteries and changes galore as series resume in the NEW MU.

As we’ve been saying, the building blocks of the NEW MU are being established throughout the various Secret Wars titles, with every series contributing something to the NEW MU. Whether that something is a character, a place, an environment, an object, a status quo, or any other thing that you might think of."

It's currently unknown what will make up the new line of titles, but Marvel did confim A-ForceWeirdworld, All-New, All Different Avengers and Uncanny Inumans will be a part of the NEW MU, as well as the Maestro, and Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos.