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Marvel Announces New "Inhumanity" Event; Inhumans Ongoing; Silver Surfer & Yondu Look To Be Featured

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 07/11/2013 - 14:27

The next Marvel Event, Infinity, hasn't even kicked off (August), and it's already announced what is to come.

December will see Inhumanity, an Inhumans event where the Terrigen Mists are unleashed over the entire Earth activating "sleeper" Inhumans as a result of what takes place in Infinity.

The center of the event will be the new Inhuman book by Matt Fraction.

Marvel also released a teaser image of sorts (via EW) that is said to show some of the characters that will be featured in the new Inhumanity event.

We see the Silver Surfer as well as an original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy with Yondu.

Yondu is rumored for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, played by Michael Rooker.

The new Inhumanity event is also being compared to Game of Thrones.

The ramifications of “Inhumanity” will spread across the globe — and beyond — as Inhuman society grows and splinters into factions. “The ashes of this royal family smolder,” says Fraction. “You see who lives, who dies, who’s left, and how they begin to try and rebuild. Once this city falls, all kinds of bigger things start happening.” Alonso compares the event to Game of Thrones, and promises to explore the Inhumans’ “long, torturous history.” The ripple effects of “Inhumanity” will last awhile, with far-reaching implications for the whole universe. But for Fraction, it’s all about the simple gut-punch appeal: “There is a secret superhero kingdom, and you might belong there. What do you do? And what does Iron Man do? We’re turning the entire Marvel universe into a potential battlefield. And regular people are in the middle.”