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Marvel Announces "Avengers: X-Sanction" Starring Cable From Loeb and McGuinness

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/13/2011 - 16:29

picLooks like I was wrong (lol).

Marvel announced today that the Cable Reborn teaser we saw a bit ago, as well as the Avengers "targeted" teaser, is going to be Avengers: X-Sanction from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness that hits this December.

They held a conference call earlier with the following details:

'X-Sanction' is sort of the starting gun or the opening flare" for events coming up throughout the Marvel U, Brevoort said. Loeb added, "Ed and I were looking for, as we like to say, the next big thing, and I think a lot of folks who know my work know I have an enormous affection for Cable and not just his role in the X-Men universe but his role in the Marvel Universe proper." He also said he was "devastated" by Cable's death.

As to how Cable's mission relates to the Avengers, Loeb said he "doesn't want to give away too much," but "how Cable survived 'Messiah Complex' and 'Second Coming' -- and I do consider those one big arc -- if there had been even a hint that the Avengers had something to do with Hope's future, he would... do something to them." Loeb was very cautious, but Brevoort was happy to be slightly more forthcoming with "X-Sanction" details.
Brevoort said the event puts Cable in conflict with characters readers aren't used to seeing him with. "The definition of Cable as a father out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character a weight and heft you can relate to on a very human level." There are also "some larger situations going on" for both Nate and the Avengers.
In response to a question about Cable's appearance, Loeb clarified that Cable is not cybernetic, but the flesh in his body has metal properties, similar to the way that cancer changes cellular structure. Cable's severed arm "is back" and more powerful, and reflects the battles within his body since his earliest appearances.
"Cable knows he's going to do battle with the Avengers, so he comes loaded for bear," Brevoort said.
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