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Marvel Announces Ant-Man Original Prose Novel

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 11/19/2014 - 13:01


With the Ant-Man movie due out next Summer, Marvel Comics has begun to release details o their tie-in promotions.

A new Ant-Man comic book hits in January, and now an Ant-Man original prose novel has been announced.

The prose novel will be written by Jason Starr titled "Ant-Man: Natural Enemy."

"Marvel’s exciting line of prose novels offer a completely new window into the Marvel Universe,” Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel told “Whether you’re an Ant-Man fan, or looking to experience a new story featuring the breakout character of 2015, this novel is going to be an exciting thrill ride from cover to cover.”

Ant-Man: Natural Enemy will be released June 3, 2015.


Meet Scott Lang: ex con, single parent and part-time super hero. Settling in to a new city with his teenage daughter, Cassie, can be hard enough. Yet when a criminal from Scott’s past comes gunning for them, his new beginning is in serious jeopardy. But is the killer after Scott — or the secrets of the Ant-Man technology?

Pushed to the brink, how far would Scott Lang go to protect his only child? Strap in as the Astonishing Ant-Man embarks on a twisted journey of desperation, secrets and adventure at a microscopic level.