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Marvel Announces "All-New Invaders"; Silver Surfer Part Of Marvel Now Phase 2

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 09/09/2013 - 09:42


Today sees a big announcement from Marvel with the next phase of "Marvel Now!"

Those plans include the previously announced Matt Fraction ongoing Inhuman, and it is also learned the plans will include All-New Invaders from James Robinson and Steve Pugh.

Black Widow and the Silver Surfer are mentioned as being a part of the new initiative as well, though it isn't specifically said if they are new titles or just involved in the stories.

The second phase dubbed "All-New Marvel Now" begins December 24th with Avengers #24.NOW (yes, a point one "now" issue), described by USA Today as being a new entry point for the series, followed by Inhumans and All-New Invaders in January.

Avengers #24.NOW sees Captain America and Iron Man round up a new team of Avengers to deal with a runaway planet heading toward Earth.

In Robinson's All-New Invaders, Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Winter Soldier seek to stop the Kree from using a device that can control gods and create an unstoppable army.

Fraction's Inhuman deals with the fact that a large population of people are exposed to a mist that makes them powerful Inhumans themselves.

"My favorite thing is showing people why those characters that aren't necessarily household names like the Falcon and Silver Surfer should be, and why they're every bit as vital to the Marvel mythology as Spider-Man and the Avenger," Marvel EIC Axel Alonso said.