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Marvel Almost Cancels NYCC Daredevil Signing Due To Rowdy Fans

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 10/11/2014 - 12:48


Today at the New York Comic-Con was supposed to see a signing take place with the cast of the new Daredevil Marvel Netflix series.

However, when the event started to get underway, the crowd was a bit too rowdy, with reps for Marvel telling them to get in line.

Well, it appears they didn't listen as Marvel cancelled the Daredevil signing. You can see video below (via Bleeding Cool).

Update: Marvel's Ryan Penagos just tweeted the event is underway.

When I attended the NYCC back in 2011 and interviewed Stan Lee, the NYPD said something similar to the crowd that was gathering. The crowd was getting so big that the NYPD threatened to shut them down (yeah, the police were there).

Likewise, when I was waiting for the My Cup O'Joe panel, things actually got a big crazy as the fans rushed to the entrance to get in. Arguments ensued with staff (who are all volunteer, I believe), and thankfully no one got hurt.

When I attended back in 2011, the NYCC was already packed. Now the size is quite a bit larger in those three years.