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Review: Magnus Robot Fighter #3

Posted By: timelord
Mon, 02/21/2011 - 12:12


Writer:   Jim Shooter

Artists:  Bill Reinhold & Mike Manley

Colors:   Wes Dzioba

Cover Art:  Raymond Swanland

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: February 16th, 2011


This is not the Magnus of the 1960’s-1970’s or the Magnus of the 1990’s.  This is a modern take on Magnus that retains the look of the 60’s-70’s comic with an even more mature feel than the 90’s reboot.  I’ve been a Magnus fan since the 60’s and I have to say – I’m loving what Shooter is doing with this series.

Issue #3 finds Magnus getting “thanked” by super-hottie Cinnette Victoria after saving her life last issue.  Wowza!  Now that’s what I call a proper reward.  It seems that the women of the year 4000 all look like super-models  and wear little but thong lingerie and see through clothes.   You don’t know how much I’m wanting a real TARDIS right now.  Seriously though – it’s good to see people being portrayed in adult relationships.  Cinnette’s frenemy and Magnus’ future lover, Leeja Clane, is waiting in the wings during these early adventures of Magnus – trying to steal his attention away from Cinnette by actively involving herself in Magnus’ adventures.

One thing this version of Magnus has done is focus the action on the seemly underbelly of North Am – the so-called “Goph Level” at the base of the continent spanning city. It seems Magnus isn’t the only super-human in North Am who fights robots.  Other tech-enhanced and gene-engineered humans are engaging in the blood sport of combat with artificially intelligent robots called Q-bots.  This blood sport is highly illegal and is conducted by organized crime operations on the Goph Level of the city.  Magnus intervenes.

Shooter weaves a fine tale perfectly accentuated by Reinhold and Manley’s top tier art and Dzioba’s colors.  Swanland’s cover art is magnificent.

I eagerly anticipate each issue of this fine comic book.  Give it a chance cosmic fans.  You’ll be glad you did.