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Lou Ferrigno Says Hulk TV Series & New Movie On The Way

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 09/13/2014 - 16:33


Previously, Lou Ferrigno stated a new Hulk movie would be coming following The Avengers 2.

Now the original Incredible Hulk is back at it, this time adding in a TV series.

Lou Ferrigno, who is the voice of the Hulk in the Marvel Studios movies, told Film Fad the following regarding a Hulk TV series:

Well, to tell you the truth they plan to do a TV series someday and it will probably be CGI, I don’t think you’ll ever see a human Hulk again. Because with the technology people would rather see something that is a little more animated like CGI.”

At one time, there was a Hulk TV series being planned by Marvel with Guillermo del Toro attached, but nothing has been mentioned recently about it. 

Regarding another Hulk feature film, Lou Ferrigno offered:

“I think in another year, they’re going to film a solo ‘Hulk’ movie. But I think the series can happen if they finish doing ‘The Avengers’ or the ‘Hulk’ movie, that’s my guess for now.”

There have been a few different rumors regarding the next Hulk film. One stated Greg Pak's "Planet Hulk" comic book storyline would be adapted into a movie, but the only problem with that is Banner wouldn't be featured (of course unless they change the story for the movie).

Another Hulk movie rumor has it Hulk will team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which director James Gunn refuted.

And still another Hulk movie rumor is that he gets blasted out into space at the end of The Avengers 2, which of course is reminiscent of how "Planet Hulk" started as well as "World War Hulk."

For now, we'll have to stick with what Lou Ferrigno is saying, and that is we'll get the Hulk, eventually.