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The Lost Kids Comic Book Mini-Series Coming February 2013

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 08/27/2012 - 12:38

Press Release


The Lost Kids is a Comic Book Mini-Series with a release date of February 2013.

Genre:  Adventure/Fantasy
Format: Seven standard comic issues
Pages: 230
Written by:  Felipe Cagno
Pencils by: Ben & Joey Vazquez, Rafael de Latorre, Wilton dos Santos, René Córdoba, Noel Rodriguez, Luís Figueiredo,  Ivan Anaya and César Rafael Gaspar
Colors by: Everardo Orozco, Eddy Swan, Nicolas Chapuy and Clonerh


Felipe Cagno introduces “The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand” – a group of five teenagers is mysteriously transported to a fantastic new world filled with Magic, Old Kingdoms, Airships and Ancient Civilizations. Their only hope of returning home is finding the mythological city of Samarkand.

Jean “JJ” Jansen is a shy young girl that after losing her adoptive parents in a car crash moves in with her best friend, Tommy. The adventure begins when she receives a mysterious package addressed to her.

JJ and Tommy open the package at school next to classmates Kate & Peter Beaux and Sarah Beckin. Within the package lies a sphere made of light itself and in the blink of an eye, the five teens simply disappear from the school halls--

Finding themselves in this new world, they need to put their differences aside, become a family and find a way of returning home.

The city of Samarkand seems to be their best shot. Cradle to an ancient and extinct race of Men called Deors, legend says they might have found a way of travelling through worlds using powerful artifacts.



With the release date getting closer and closer, creator Felipe Cagno has been creating quite a buzz both on DeviantART, the biggest Art Community on the internet, and Facebook. Up until now the comic project has been featured in quite a few Brazilian pop culture portals and is now making it’s way to the US with an interview feature on the “Monster & Monkey” website and an Art Contest on DeviantART, not to mention the support from comic legends J. Scott Campbell, Rob Liefeld and Mike Deodato Jr. on Twitter.

The second “Lost Kids Art Contest” had the same success of the previous edition back in 2010, and for the second time in a row received more than 100 entries, giving away cash prizes to the Top Three Winners.

This time around though, the contest had the support not only from its creative team, but also from great professionals joining the Judges’ roster, names such as Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (Capcom, DC Comics), DJ Shwann (Shwann Universe, DeviantArt), Gina Chacon & Genzoman (Udon) and representing DeviantART, the Comic’s section Admin Torri “Dust-Bite”.

Aside from cash prizes, the top three artworks will also be published as Variant Covers. The contest and all entries can be viewed at


- The “Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand” was initially a feature length screenplay. It was only after two Hollywood execs read it that the project took another format. Both execs suggested releasing it in either book form or  as a graphic novel to build a fan base before tackling it as a movie.

- In 2009, the feature length screenplay placed in several high-profile Screenplay Competitions helping shape the story as is today.

- 2010 marks the official start of the Lost Kids as a Comic Book Mini-Series. Along with adapting the screenplay to it’s new format, the hard cover 80pgs book “The Making Of Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand” was published. A behind-the-scenes book, which can be found online at, introduced readers to the characters, the world and story of the Lost Kids, including a 12 page preview into the upcoming comic series.

- It was during that time, to celebrate the launch of the book, that the first Lost Kids Art Contest took place on DeviantART.

- The DeviantART Community was the launch platform that made it all possible for the Lost Kids. It was there that writer/producer Felipe Cagno could put together the creative team behind the comic book, from pencillers to colorists and cover artists.

- DeviantART already featured the Lost Kids four times before as Daily Deviations, a daily selection of the best artworks around the Community.

- The Lost Kids official page on DeviantART had over 100.000 page views over the last two years with a steady traffic every day and over 2.500 fans online.

- The creative team is truly worldwide. Felipe, Wilton and Rafael are all from Brazil, while three of the pros come from Mexico, two others come from the United States, one is from El Salvador, another resides in Italy, there are also artists from Germany, Australia and the Philippines.

- The comic is entirely produced through the internet, the creative team has never personally met with the exception of the three Brazilians, that met through the comic school Quanta Academia de Artes.

- The Official Facebook Page has over 1.000 fans already and there is now a YouTube channel as well, where Felipe Cagno posts videos every couple of days showing the back-stage of producing a comic book, from conception, screenwriting to penciling, coloring and lettering. Please visit us at