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Listen To The Music Score From The Superman: Man of Steel Comic-Con Footage Trailer

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 07/15/2012 - 00:05

While we may have to wait to see the footage of the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel, that was released at the Comic-Con next Friday before The Dark Knight Rises, we can at least listen to the epic score!


Because while Hans Zimmer currently puts his score together for the Man of Steel, they used Zimmer's music from The Thin Red Line (via MOS FAN FB).

And here it is:


Footage Description:

We see flashes of Smallville. The farm house. Clark running in a red cape as a child.

An older, bearded Clark walks a snowy road in an arctic town.

We hear Russell Crowe's voice talking about children being inspired to greater things

It sounds like it's cut with Kevin Costner's voice. Both fathers are giving Clark/Kal advice on how to become who he wants to be.

We see Clark being brought to the Kent barn and shown the spaceship that has been hidden there.

Clark holds a small piece of metal with the S logo on the end.

We're jumping back and forth through time periods.

Clark, as a teen, saved a bus of kids

The bus crashed in the water and we see him swimming, pulling the door off.

"People are afraid of what they don't understand," says Costner.

We see Clark talking to Jor-El. They're standing right in front of one another, but I think it's a holographic projection (though it looks live)

We see Superman in the suit. First from a distance and then walking across a snowy plain.

There are flashing of Superman flying and one of him catching someone falling off a building.

A single flash of Amy Adams' Lois Lane.

One flash has Superman (in costume) -- seemingly in handcuffs -- being led down a hallway by a security force.

We see Clark (without seeing his face) stepping into an elevator and begin to lift glasses to his face.

There's a flash of Clark, shirtless, with his whole body on fire.

Another of him crashing into the bank vault we saw in the first still. It looks like he's been thrown.

Updated with shots that were not noticed before:

Superman climbing out of a pile of skulls.

We also hear a woman's voice saying "My son saw what Clark did on that bus."

Apparently someone witnessed young Clark as a child saving the bus with his powers.

There's a flash of Zod, but literally so fast you just see his face.