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Liefeld and Kirkman Vs. Brevoort and DiDio - on SyFy?! Twitter Wars Wage!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 08/25/2012 - 01:49


Hey, guys, in all honesty I was trying to watch an episode of Doctor Who.

You know, "Runaway Bride?" With Doctor Donna - the best companion?

But you can blame CBN's own Brian Amey (that's @10OnTheToilet) who informed me via text of the Twitter War between @RobertLiefeld and @TomBrevoort.

Of course, I immediately sprang up and posted an article on Cosmic Book News about the enfolding drama.

Slow Friday night, maybe?


Well, after posting the article, Tom and Rob's love affair immediately shot up to our #1 hot spot and was trending worldwide. In addition, our SyFy Face Off article and the Justice League movie were in the #2 and #3 positions respectively.

Now, what I tend to do is tweet what is trending here on CBN.

So I did just that, to which @SyFy took notice and responded with a simple "Cool," — including Tom and Rob in the reply.

Tom couldn't resist the opportunity beseeched to him and tweeted a "clever" comment of his own in turn, "@cosmicbooknews @robertliefeld @syfy So that must mean Rob and I are going to face off in a Justice League movie on Syfy."

Once Tom opened the door, of course I couldn't resist and tweeted about getting a Marvel Vs. DC Vs. Image Comics debate on Syfy with Rob, Tom, — and Robert Kirkman and Dan Didio (Liefeld mentioned Kirkman in an earlier tweet).

It was all good (at least on my side), and then tweets starting to come in from other fans expressing everyone to keep it professional with some cuss words and such.

Robert Kirkman even noticed as well, and let loose a tweet of his own, "Wait... WHAT?!"

Nothing really to worry about Robert, at least I don't think so, but who knows — maybe we'll get a TV show out of this? After all, this sort of stuff can't be thought up of for television.

Can it?!

Now, dear readers, which side do you choose?!