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The Librarians 3x10 "And The Wrath Of Chaos" Trailer

Posted By:Staff
Mon, 01/16/2017 - 08:18

Watch the trailer below for the next episode of The Librarians, "And The Wrath Of Chaos."

Episode synopsis:

The Librarians' two-front battle comes to a head when the Library is simultaneously infiltrated by DOSA and Apep. Flynn, Baird, Stone, Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jenkins must all put aside their differences in an attempt to save the Library, the world and themselves. Vanessa Williams guest stars. 

"The Librarians" airs Sundays at on TNT at 8pm ET starring Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Larroquette, Lindy Booth & John Harlan Kim.