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Lennie James Talks Walking Dead Season 6

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 03/31/2015 - 14:55


Fans finally got to see Morgan reunite with Rick on the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead.

However, it didn't look to be a happy reunion as Morgan seems to be some sort of zen-master who won't kill, while Rick is taking the opposite approach.

The Walking Dead Season 6 doesn't return until October, but Lennie James spoke with TV Guide about his future with the series.

Will Morgan's change in mental state be explained?

As with the change we saw from the man in the pilot to the man in "Clear," there was, for want of a better word, an origin story to how Morgan had lost his mind. There is an origin story to the Morgan we meet in the season finale. I don't know which way it's going to be told, but I am pretty sure that origin story will in some way, shape or form will come to light in Season 6 and explain who this Morgan is.

How much will Morgan be a part of The Walking Dead Season 6?

All I can say is it will be at least one episode to clarify and resolve his arrival in Alexandria. Beyond that, at the moment I'm not at liberty to say.

Lennie James also teases who taught him how to bo staff fight:

 I can say that the skills you see him displaying in the finale, he's been taught.

Watch the Morgan fight scene from the season 5 finale:

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