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The Last Man on Earth "If You're Happy and You Know It" 3x09 Trailer

Posted: 12/04/2016 - 23:18

Watch the trailer below for the fall finale of The Last Man On Earth, "If You're Happy and You Know It."

Episode synopsis:

Carol is bummed about Gail's absence, so Tandy tries to cheer her up with the honeymoon vacation they never had. Meanwhile, Lewis finds new success with his pursuits in aviation and Melissa is contained in the all-new ‚ÄúIf You're Happy and You Know It‚ÄĚ fall finale episode of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH airing Sunday, December 11th on FOX.¬†

The Last Man On Earth airs Sundays at 9:30pm ET on FOX starring Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, Mel Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman, Mary Steenburgen and January Jones.