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Kevin Smith Recommends Wachowski's Or Tim Miller To Direct The Flash

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Mon, 11/21/2016 - 01:09

With The Flash movie currently in need of a director, how about The Matrix directors The Wachowski's or outgoing Deadpool director Tim Miller?

Kevin Smith actually recommends the Wachowski's on his latest "Fatman on Batman" podcast.

"The movie Flash currently has no shepard," Smith said. "Rick left. Another one that said 'creative differences, gotta go,' and he flashed it out of there... I say call the Wachowski's... Why not? The Running would be amazing... I think they could do an excellent Flash..."

Kevin Smith also agrees with his co-host Marc Bernardin's idea that Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) would be a good idea as well as Edgar Wright and Tim Miller. 

The Flash recently lost its director as Rick Famuyiwa departed The Flash over creative differences with WB, which isn't too far off from Tim Miller leaving Deadpool 2 over differences with Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds did recently say that Tim Miller is "a visual-effects wizard," so Tim  Miller might be a good choice as The Flash obviously requires a lot of cool action sequences.  

The only problem with Tim Miller directing The Flash is it has been said Miller is sticking with Fox Studios with an upcoming project, the sci-fi adaptation of Daniel Suarez's novel, Influx.

Kevin Smith is actually directing this week's of The Flash TV series with "Killer Frost," would Smith be a good choice for the DCEU The Flash movie? Smith is also directing an episode of Supergirl.

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