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Kevin Feige Says No Avengers vs X-Men Crossover

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 11/22/2016 - 11:28

With it recently becoming known that Marvel Studios worked out a deal with Fox Studios over the use of characters for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, many fans online are speculating that may mean an Avengers vs. X-Men movie is possible some time in the future.

Joining what James Gunn and Dave Bautista had to say, now Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige makes it pretty clear there won't be an Avengers vs X-Men crossover any time soon.

"It’s an impossibility at this juncture. We certainly have enough films to keep us busy for a number of lifetimes," Feige told Variety.

More than likely many fans were looking forward to a Marvel Studios-backed Avengers vs X-Men film because the Marvel movies are so good, while the Fox Studios X-Men films tend to fall short of expectations.

While there won't be an Avengers vs X-Men crossover any time soon, Fox Studios is currently rebooting their X-Men universe which seems to focus on Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool as it's already announced Deadpool 3 is in the works which will introduce X-Force.

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