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Movie Review: The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes: An Extreme Comixxx Parody

Posted By: timelord
Mon, 05/09/2011 - 14:25

picAnyone who has ever read any of my comics related posts, Op-Ed pieces, reviews, and fan fics knows that I've always said that it's only logical that super-powered beings would have super-powerful sex drives.  Apparently, the producers of this movie parody of The Justice League agree.

Guys - if you've ever had fantasies about Wonder Woman - this movie is for you.  She takes on the rest of the Justice League like you've never seen before.  Same goes for Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Zatanna, and Catwoman.

Batman and Robin are porn parodies of their 1960's TV show versions.  Wonder Woman is a parody of her 1970's TV show version.  The remainder of the Justice League including Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Flash make little effort to parody their respective comics characters - coming across as little more than porn actors wearing superhero costumes as they perform sexual acts.

As to the sex - well - the actors/actresses are attractive, the sex is imaginative, and the concept is fun enough to keep viewers interested. 

Don't expect much in the way of superheroics, special effects, or a coherent plot.  Do expect attractive actors and some hot sex - which - after all - is really the most you can expect from a porn film.  This movie is well worth your time if you've ever wondered what sex between superheroes might be like.  Check it out.  I give it 4 stars in terms of being a well done porn film.

Article by:  Timelord