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Justice League Doom: New Clip Features Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion)

Posted By: Staff
Tue, 02/14/2012 - 12:43

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:688:]]Warner Bros. sent over the following clip from Justice League: Doom featuring Green Lantern, as voiced by Nathan Fillion.

Warner Home Video, MTV Geek and The Paley Center for Media presented the world premiere of Justice League: Doom on Monday night In New York. 

To the right is a photograph of the key talent present at the premiere -- from left, Phil Morris (Seinfeld, Smallville), dialogue/casting director Andrea Romano, and Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series). Photo courtesy of Gary Miereanu.

Warner Home Video will distribute the film on Blu-Ray, DVD and for Download on February 28, 2012. 

On Thursday, February 16, Warner Home Video, the Los Angeles Times and The Paley Center for Media will present the West Coast premiere of Justice League: Doom. Confirmed to appear is: Tim Daly (Private Practice, Wings) as Superman Phil Morris (Seinfeld, Smallville) as Vandal Savage Paul Blackthorne (The River) as Metallo Oliva d'Abo (The Wonder Years) as Star Sapphire Susan Eisenberg (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited) as Wonder Woman Lauren Montgomery, Director Andrea Romano, dialogue/casting director Geoff Boucher, moderator.