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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Laughs At Mention Of Ant-Man Movie Discussions (Video)

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 10/16/2013 - 12:22

A couple days ago saw news hit that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a top contender for the Ant-Man movie.

Following that, it came out of a French interview that Joseph Gordon-Levitt stated it was just a rumor, but some sites also ran with it that the actor confirmed he was in discussions.

Turns out those translations might not have been correct as Total Film catches up with JGL who laughs at mention that he confirmed discussions.

"It's just a rumor," he said.

Check out the video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking Ant-Man below.

Ant-Man has a newly announced release date of July 31, 2015 directed by Edgar Wright.

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