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Jonathan Hickman Says Don't Write X-Men Books

Jonathan Hickman Says Don't Write X-Men Books

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 11/30/2016 - 11:06
Jonathan Hickman Says Don't Write X-Men Books

Marvel Comics is launching some sort of new X-Men comic books, but in the wake of being replaced by the Inhumans it remains to be seen if they will be any good.

Now former Marvel comic book writer Jonathan Hickman has some advice for Marvel Comics' new X-Men writers: Don't.

Jonathan Hickman, who is speculated to be writing for DC Comics in the near future, took to Twitter to start things off with: "Just saw we're in the midst of new X-men announcements. Are people hysterically overreacting to the news, or exhaustedly underreacting?"

Which was followed by a second tweet: "After watching all my friends write X-books, here's my advice on being an X-men writer: 1. Don't."

Hickman follwed it up with a third tweet: "Rest in Peace new X-men writers. You will be missed."

Marc Guggenheim, known for the CW DC Arrow series and who is writing a new X-Men series for Marvel, responded to Hickman's tweets: "Um... thanks? (Big fan, btw.)"

This caused Hickman to follow up with a fourth tweet offering he's just having some fun: "I'm just kidding, man. Love those books. Tear it up."

Regarding whether or not Hickman really means what he says is unknown, but it could be about Marvel Comics editorial direction regarding the X-Men. It's known Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter (who doesn't get along with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige) is feuding with Fox Studios over the X-Men and Fanastic Four movie rights. Reportedly, Perlmutter ordered the cancellation of X-Men comics, characters and merchandise (why Wolverine is gone and Fantastic Four is cancelled), and is also the reason for the push behind Inhumans (for the record, which seems to be failing).

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