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Jon Favreau Adapting Shannara TV Series For MTV

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 12/07/2013 - 02:16


First reported back in September of 2012, the Terry Brooks Shannara TV series continues in development and now appears to be seeing the light of day at MTV with Iron Man director Jon Favreau attached.

Deadline reports that the new Shannara series for MTV will have its pilot directed by Jon Favreau with Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar on board as writers.

If MTV likes what they see with the script, it's said they will go with a straight-to-series order.

While a fantasy series akin to Lord of the Rings seems as an odd pairing with MTV, it's noted a new president is on board with Susanne Daniels, also responsible for bringing Smallville to life and that the series will work well with MTV's other successful show, Teen Wolf.

"I am thrilled to be working with the Smallville creators Al and Miles again along with the amazingly talented Jon Favreau,” Daniels said. “We feel that the Shannara novels are a perfect fit for MTV as this type of fantasy genre has continuously proved to resonate with our audience."

Terry Brooks has been penning the series since Sword Of Shannara debuted in 1977 with three more planned for next year.

"The adaptation of these books is very important to me, and I believe we are on the right track in our endeavor to create an epic television series that both new and old fans of the books will love," Brooks said in a statement.

The MTV series will start its first season with the second book, Elfstones of Shannara, which is considered by some to be the best of the series.

I actually discovered Brooks' novels before Lord of the Rings in grammar school and have loved them ever since. Terry Brooks is the second-biggest-selling living fantasy book writer, after Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling.

Here's the description for Elfstones of Shannara from Amazon:

Ancient Evil threatens the Elves: The ancient tree created by long-lost Elven magic, is dying. When Wil Ohmsford is summoned to guard the Amberle on a perilous quest to gather a new seed for a new tree, he is faced with the Reaper, the most fearsome of all Demons. And Wil is without power to control them....