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Johns on Green Lantern: "great cosmic action and cosmic conspiracies and mysteries"

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 09/17/2011 - 13:50


Geoff Johns spoke on the new launch of Green Lantern with IGN, and offered up the following.

The writer gave some clues as to an upcoming arc involving the origin of the Indigo Tribe and shed a little light on the cosmic nature of Green Lantern.

"Just that we are taking the characters to places they've never been before. That we'll shed a light on a side of them that maybe some of us never knew they had, and at the same time we'll still have that great cosmic action and cosmic conspiracies and mysteries. One of the future arcs is called The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, where we learn all about who founded them and what they're really about. We'll be exploring a lot of different aspects of the Green Lantern mythology, but the whole time there will be a far more focused beam in on Sinestro and Hal as characters before anything else."

And for those that might think Sinestro getting the Green Lantern ring was just for the sake of the relaunch, you might want to dig up an old GL issue, as Johns forecasted the unholy reunion around the time of the Sinestro War.

"Actually this was always the long-term plan. If you look back, I forget which issue it is, but I did a little bit of a flash forward and showed some events in the future. One of them is Sinestro with the ring. It's actually in the book. It was one of the earlier issues where I planted it. It was really subtle so it's hard to see."

"Green Lantern" #1 hit stores this week, with the second issue out October 12th.