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John Williams Wants To Score New Star Wars

Posted By: Staff
Sun, 02/17/2013 - 23:46

Legendary composer John Williams was featured at the Young Musicians Foundation where he gave a performance of some of his more noteworthy music scores.

Williams is known for his Superman movie scores as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harry Potter, Schindler's List and of course Star Wars.

Speaking of the latter, we know that Disney will be launching Star Wars Episode VII in 2015.

While everyone has been bickering about just which characters will return and what the plot is about, how about the question whether J.J. Abrams will bring back John Williams for the new Star Wars?

Judging from the comment Williams made recently at the YMF, it seems like The Force is strong with that possibility.

A user on the John Williams Fan Message Boards posted the following:

We’re about to play Star Wars [audience interrupts with cheers] and each time we play it, I’m reminded of the first time we played it decades ago.  Neither I, nor George, nor anyone else involved thought this would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy.  Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George…[more cheers].

There you have it, he hopes he can continue working on the new movies, of which George Lucas will be onboard in more of a consulting role and less of a director.

Speaking of the John Williams Star Wars music, listen below.

Star Wars Episode VII has a 2015 release date directed by J.J. Abrams.

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