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John Byrne's Defunct Marvel Comics Superman Plot

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/26/2011 - 17:10

Back in 1984 Marvel was under negotiations to aquire a number of DC Comics characters, with Superman being among them.

Things went so far that John Byrne actually submitted a plot for his own Superman title at Marvel; however, that would never see the light of day -- until now.

Jim Shooter, then EIC of Marvel, posted some of the details on his blog.


Here are a few:

• Lara-El survives the destruction of Krypton, and with Kal-El makes her way to Earth where she dies in childbirth.

• There is a mysterious form of radiation (in addition to the yellow Sun) mentioned which has to do with the powers Kal-El receives, but never named.

• At the age of 10, Clark takes down a Bull who attempted to kill him.

• While working as a reporter for the Daily Planet, Clark investigates the kidnapping of the President, where he uses his powers to alert the authorities -- with the Pres. being harmed during the rescue. This leads to Clark realizing he should have done it himself.

• He performs numerous rescues and saves, with Lois Lane being present at one in particular. She wants the scoop, but he tells her he gave the story to Clark Kent.

• In the papers the next day, Clark names himself "Superman" via the headline: “SUPERMAN! MYSTERY HERO PROMISES TO BATTLE FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY."

• Lex sees the article and decides it's best to get rid of him.