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Joe Quesda Implies Peter Parker Will Be Spider-Man

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 03/22/2015 - 15:38


While Marvel Comics is going the politically correct racial diversity route with their characters, good news comes from the chief creative officer at Marvel, Joe Quesada, regarding the new movie Spider-Man.

Quesada, who also used to be EIC at Marvel Comics, is asked about the new Spider-Man for the Sony / Marvel Studios venture by a fan on Tumblr.

JQ responds by stating the key to making Spider-Man great is Peter Parker.

Check it out:

Have you seen any visual concepts/early designs for Spidey 2017? Also, what's one of the main things you feel is most important to making this Spider-Man film the best that it can be?

JQ: The trick to making any incarnation of Spider-Man great, whether comics, animation or film is Peter Parker. Get Peter’s character right and  the rest falls into place. 

Of course there is always the possibility that Marvel Studios could change Peter's ethnicity, but per Joe Q's statements above, it looks likely the new Spider-Man is still Peter Parker (and not Miles Morales).

The new Spider-Man is speculated to first appear in Captain America: Civil War, and then will have a standalone Spider-Man film in 2017.