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Joe Quesada and Marvel Completely Embarrass Comic Book Fans Everywhere on Jimmy Kimmel

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/10/2012 - 00:43


Did you catch Joe Quesada's "appearance" on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

I would call it hardly an appearance as the skit was obviously planned and done by Marvel.

And it was absolutely terrible.

Jimmy Kimmel comes into Joe Quesada's office with his "portfolio" for JQ to review.

Jokes are made about free comics and paying for comics, superheroes etc. etc.

Joe Quesada makes a quick remark about Marvel NOW! and how it is a good starting point for fans of the movies and lapsed comic book readers.

It's all down hill from there.

Of course, Joe Quesada has to - attempt -  to stick it to DC by saying this isn't a reboot.

Then it's on to Kimmel's comic, which is a comic he "created" when he was 11 years old. Kimmel goes over the various characters of the two teams he created, Terrific Ten and Terrible Ten or something, all the while making comic book characters look to be complete asses.

Quesada then says he is going to work on them and comes back with a couple caricatures.

Kimmel jokes about the look of his "package" in the drawing, to the delight of the audience.




After watching this garbage does anyone wonder why comic books do not sell? Who in their right mind would step into a comic shop after watching this?

Nice job, Marvel.