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Jim Starlin Releases New Page; Who Is The Artist?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 01/13/2013 - 15:37

Jim Starlin released another page from his upcoming new ongoing series at DC Comics.

He's been having us play a little guessing game as to the identity of the artist.

Any ideas?

Tim Green has been thrown out there as well as Carlos Pacheco and P. Craig Russel by users in the comments.

My guess: Wes Craig?

Update: Rob Liefeld tweeted us: "Looks like Joe Bennett to me."

The title of the new comic book also has yet to be announced, but Starlin has previously hinted it's an existing DC Comics property and one that might take a few people by surprise.

Here is the latest, which is a penciled and inked page, followed by the two previous layouts that Jim revealed.

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GUESS THE PENCILER CONTINUES! No one named the artist of the layouts I posted earlier. So we're giving you a new clue. Here's a penciled and inked page from the first issue I'll be writing of this on-going DC Comics series (one penciler, a different artist inking). Yes, I know there are no human figures on this page, to help identify the artist. That's an intentional decision on my part and I think it makes it more fun.