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Jim Starlin Dreadstar TV Series On The Way

Matt McGloin
Posted: 02/17/2015 - 18:53


It's reported that Dreadstar is coming to TV from Universal, Benderspink and creator Jim Starlin.

Variety reports Starlin will serve as both an executive producer on the Dreadstar TV series as well as a writer.

Starlin's Dreadstar centers around the last survivor of the Milk Way, Vanth Dreadstar, who forms a motley cast of crewmates that get caught between two powerful evil empires, the Monarch and the Church of The Instrumentality. 

“Jim Starlin’s cosmic space opera is a great read, and it’s time for Vanth Dreadstar to make his television debut,” Dawn Olmstead, exec VP of development at UCP, which is part of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment stated.

“I consider ‘Dreadstar’ to be an extension of my family, so it took me a while to feel comfortable letting anyone else take care of this project,” Starlin said. “It has taken some time, but I know I’ve put my trust in the right team, and I’m excited to collaborate with Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink to bring ‘Dreadstar’s’ unique brand of chaos to television.”

It's also again stated that a Dreadstar movie is being developed.

Jim Starlin published Dreadstar with Epic Comics back in 1982.

You can pick up the Dreadstar Omnibus on Amazon to catch up.

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