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JH Williams III Leaves Batwoman Over What Else: Editorial Issues

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/05/2013 - 09:22


Add one more to the list of creators not happy with how things are being run at DC Comics as JH Williams III has announced he is off Batwoman with his last issue being #26.

Williams cited editorial issues as the main reason for leaving the book - specifically last minute changes.

Williams notes 11th hour changes which just may suggest the problems may be coming from higher up the food chain over at DC. We know the DC Comics side of things has to answer to the execs at the movie studio.

Williams writes in part on his blog:

Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married. All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end.

We’ve always understood that, as much as we love the character, Batwoman ultimately belongs to DC. However, the eleventh-hour nature of these changes left us frustrated and angry — because they prevent us from telling the best stories we can. So, after a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided to leave the book after Issue 26.

We’re both heartbroken over leaving, but we feel strongly that you all deserve stories that push the character and the series forward. We can’t reliably do our best work if our plans are scrapped at the last minute, so we’re stepping aside. We are committed to bringing our run to a satisfying conclusion and we think that Issue 26 will leave a lasting impression.