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Jake Gyllenhaal Says Ryan Reynolds & Deadpool Deserve Oscar Nomination

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/27/2017 - 13:49

The 2017 Oscars nominations were recently released, which sadly included no Deadpool or Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds fellow co-star in the upcoming sci-fi movie Life, Jake Gyllenhaal, shares a similar sentiment and feels Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds should have been nominated for an Oscar.

“Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool,” Gyllenhaal told “We talk about brilliant performances all the time, you know, the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles, which I’m a believer in. But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and I say, ‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.

“Sure it’s a comic book movie and it’s made a lot of money — but that doesn’t subtract from Ryan’s extraordinary work," Gyllenhaal continued. "Because it’s him. I mean, let’s ask ourselves: What else do we want from people who create? Something that is truly them.”

It should probably be noted the Oscars snubbed Jake Gyllenhaal as well, as the actor gave a great performance in Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals.

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal's Life comes out March 24, 2017, which is written by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.


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