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Irresponsible Mom Gives 7 Year Old Daughter Copy Of New Starfire

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/27/2011 - 17:18

picHow's that for an attention grabbing headline?

Oh, no!

People have been flipping out about not only Starfire's promiscuous new(?) attitude in DC Comics' Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, but also Catwoman's performance in her new book.

The former being rated "T," the latter "T+" (basically meaning 12+).

Over at AOL's Comics Alliance, they had a big problem with the "liberated sexuality" of DC's heroines. I read a majority of it, but when it went into the double standard routine, that was all she wrote for me. Funny how, as Bleeding Cool pointed out, they had no problems with exploding babies in Demon Knights.

And now io9 has an article up where Fantasy author Michele Lee gives the Hood issue to her 7 year old daughter and transcribes her response, with "Pay attention, DC. This is my seven-year-old daughter."

I mean, is DC (and us) supposed to be surprised by the daughter's reaction to a rated "teen" book? Or shocked? Pay attention, DC. This is my seven-year-old daughter.

I have a 7 year old, as well, - a boy, too (heaven forbid!) and I sure as heck wouldn't give him these issues. Pay attention, DC. This is my seven-year-old daughter.

And is this really anything new for these characters? While I am not big on my DC history, I believe Catwoman has been depicted as both a hooker and a stripper. Hey, she is  thief ie a bad guy (I guess). So what about Starfire? It's not like she has never been shown to be scantily dressed. Even in the toon she is wearing something I wouldn't let my teen daughter put on (if I had one, that is). Also, what happened in Teen Titans #16, and what the heck was she wearing - and doing?

Pay attention, DC. This is my seven-year-old daughter.

I'm just saying this isn't that big of a stretch for these characters. I think DC still has some rather strong superheroines in the form of at least Wonder Woman (not for kiddies, great issue btw), and Supergirl. I also wonder if these issues were written by women, would they have garnished this much attention? Then, I suppose a woman wouldn't have written these types of stories, right?

And really, DC Comics DOES have a line of comics aimed at the youngsters, I believe.

Pay attention, DC. This is my seven-year-old daughter.