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Iron Man Will Be Star Trek's Captain Kirk In Guardians of the Galaxy Says Bendis

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 10/15/2012 - 18:30


With the news that Brian Michael Bendis has added Iron Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy, some details on how Tony Stark will be used are made known.

In an interview with, Bendis compares Tony Stark With William Shatner/Captain Kirk of Star Trek.

And plus, we’re going to have some fun with Tony trying to live out his William Shatner/Captain Kirk space-girl fantasies. So Tony will come out here to be part of the Guardians, to explore the ideas that the Guardians had put in his head during AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, that the Earth is a very important part of the cosmic civilization for the next generation. So Tony literally needs to go out and look at it from their point of view to see what he can do to help. And so he gets to have space adventures, he gets to live the William Shatner/Captain Kirk, he gets to explore, he gets to invent, and Tony gets to see the world from a different perspective.

When Tony’s with the Avengers, he’s always top dog, alpha male, he’s always kind of in charge. Here, he’s going to be a fish way out of water. Even though he’s been to outer space a few times, this is living in outer space, which is a completely different thing. And basically living on a pirate ship!

The new Guardians of the Galaxy has a special .1 release in February followed by the first issue in March, with art by Steve McNiven.