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Iron Man 3 & Audi Team Up For Interactive Comic Book Contest

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 04/12/2013 - 01:22

Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics and Audi have teamed up for a new promotion for Iron Man 3 that centers around an interactive digial comic book contest, "Steer The Story."

You can actually become a co-creator of a comic book where you decide Iron Man's fate and craft the final chapter.

And all participants who submit a final panel will be acknowledged in the final page!

CBN Marvel favorite editor Bill Rosemann will be a judge, with the story that sees Iron Man taking on the Blizzard written by Jeff Parker with Manual Garcia on the art.

More details below and head on over to for more. You will see a "Chapter 1" link on the top middle of the page to check out the comic.




Press Release

Audi and Marvel have teamed up to give fans a thrilling interactive comic book experience with the launch of the Iron Man “Steer The Story” comic book contest. The crowd-sourced digital comic book gives Audi and Iron Man 3 fans the opportunity to become a co-creator of the final panel of the comic book as well as direct Iron Man's fate and help decide the outcome of his adventure.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and editors Jeanine Schaefer and Bill Rosemann will serve as the contest judges for the final component of the contest, which gives consumers the chance to create their very own final frame to Tony Stark’s adventure by drawing or photographing their submission.  Additionally, all participants who submit a creative final panel will be acknowledged in the final page. The final US-based winning submission will have the opportunity to win an original art board signed by Marvel artists and a trip to Comic Con in San Diego for an art review by a top Marvel editor.