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Iron Man 2 Concept Art For Unused Robots Might Feature Crimson Dynamo

Posted By: Staff
Fri, 03/15/2013 - 23:32

A batch of concept art from Iron Man 2 has surfaced online from the artist behind the designs, Scott Patton.

Patton notes on his blog that he isn't big into doing robots, but when John Favreau specifically asked him to whip up a batch of armors that were "failed attempts of other countries," he couldn't resist.

Ironman 2

This was a strange project for me, I don't do robots.

I love robots, but I don't really design them.

I quickly became okay with it when Jon Favreau said that these where

the failed attempts of other countries. I said "Hey, I can do that,  fail is right there in the description!"

If you recall, there was a scene in the movie which showed the world's failed attempts at creating their own Iron Man suits, and this is some art for that.

We see designs for various countries below including Russia, China, Iran, England, North Korea, what might be a U.S govt. attempt, another from England and Canada.

Patton says he thought it was funny to make the Canadian Iron Man with the biggest guns of all.

We know that in Iron Man 2, Whiplash was sort of an amalgam of Marvel Comics characters including the real character as well as the comic book character of the Crimson Dynamo; perhaps the first image there is what could have been of the Russian red Iron Man suit.

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