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Review: Invincible #84

Posted By: timelord
Sun, 11/06/2011 - 23:44

As Invincible closes in on the final stretch to issue #100 it looks like many interesting changes for the character are in store.  Issue #84 finds Mark soul searching in earnest about all the decisions he has made and how these decisions have ultimately affected humankind for better or worse.  He makes a touch decision and embarks on a new course of action which he believes may ultimately save the world from its own self destructive practices.  Unfortunately, his actions may make him into an outlaw with the government.

Whether you like the direction Kirkman is taking the characters or not - you have to admit that he's taking a chance with his characters and concept that few creators would.  While some readers will no doubt abandon the book in disagreement with its new direction; I think most fans will stick it out to see what happens next.  To me, that's the mark of a good comic - the creators take chances.  Whether or how it affects sales takes a back seat to character development. I personally don't like the direction the story is going; but this book is so good that I'm not about to abandon it either.

Ottley's art is amazing as usual.  The two page extra-large splash is breathtaking. The art is definitely A-game.  Rauch's colors are spot on - taking the issue to new heights of eye pleasing glory.

Kirkman is taking Mark through a very personal journey that may well re-define who Mark is.  I can't wait until next issue to see more.  There's a reason why this book is labeled, "The Best Superhero comic book in the universe."  Pick up a copy and see for yourself.