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Review: Invincible #80

Posted By: timelord
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 13:38

Invincible has reached the 80 issue mark and it's still going strong as it closes in on #100.  Kirkman has promised some major changes and surprises in the new arcs leading up to #100, and I have a feeling that some of the seeds are being planted in the current issue.

This issue marks the return of fan favorite villain, Dynosaurus, an eco-terrorist extraordinare bent on eliminating all human-made threats to the environment.  Surprisingly, Dynosaurus is able to hold his own with Invincible in a stand up fight - but the outcome of their fight will leave even seasoned Invincible fans slack jawed in shock.  I have a feeling that Mark is not going to take this outcome very well - and this may be the beginning of the upcoming changes hinted at by Kirkman.

Turning from the superhero to the personal side of Mark's life, the awkwardness in his renewed relationship with Eve is still evident even as they finally realize their plan to live together.  It's bothering me that Eve is still overweight.  She needs to slim down and get back to super-heroing.  I also want to see how she and Mark ultimately cope with her decision to abort Mark's child - as this appears to be an unspoken source of ongoing tension between them.  Mark also has to cope with an unexpected revelation from his best friend.  Finally, and somewhat amusingly, Mark shows up at his local comics shop to pick up all the issues he's missed since being away at war.  He has a few things to say about the re-launches of Marvel and DC titles.

Ottley's art is amazing as usual.  The fight scenes between Mark and Dynosaurus are beautiful to behold - and the final dramatic scene this issue will leave you stunned.

Invincible continues to earn it's boast as the best superhero book on the stands.  This is a great issue to jump aboard Kirkman's other current masterwork, the amazing ongoing adventure called Invincible.