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Review: Invincible #79

Posted By: timelord
Mon, 04/25/2011 - 01:07

This issue is heavy on drama and character development - but light on action.  In short, long-term Invincible fans will appreciate it - but any new reader will be confused and disappointed.  This is not the issue to begin reading Invincible if you've not been reading it up to now.

I must say that I'm not enjoying seeing zoftig Eve.  I'll be glad when she loses the weight and returns to her normal svelte self.  It's jarring to see her so pudgy and out of shape.  At least we know why she's let herself go now - disappointing as her choice was.  This will no doubt be a turning point in her relationship with Mark - but which way the turn will go is anyone's guess.

I enjoyed Eve and Mark's dinner party with Lincoln - er - I mean - The Immortal and  Dupli-Kate.  The Immortal's regaling of Eve and Mark of tales from when he was President is amusing. 

Perhaps we're dealing with post-war exhaustion - but Ottley's art this issue isn't as good as in past issues.  Disappointing - as Ottley's art is one of the major strenths of this book. 

Kirkman promises that next issue will be back to super-powered beings slugging it out.  I'll be anxiously waiting.

Article by Bill Meneese