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Infinity Mighty Teaser Reveals Blue Marvel & She-Hulk

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 06/05/2013 - 13:13

Marvel released the latest Infinity "Mighty" teaser which reveals the Blue Marvel and She-Hulk will be joining the team.

The two powerhouses join Luke Cage and Superior Spider-Man.

Using the Marvel AR App, Tom Brevoot says:

Adam the Blue Marvel, a character that garnered a lot of attention from the one little limited series he was in. He's a phenomenally powerful character, a man who his conscience told him he had to stand down at the command of his president, and ever since he has regretted the action. He's got some ambivalence about what he should be doing, his place in the world, whether everything has passed him by and he's viewed in different ways by different members of the public. The time has come again for him to step into the world in a big way because the events of infinity are such that he can no longer sit on the sidelines. He has to get involved in the middle of the action.

She's [She-Hulk] been a lawyer, she's been a member of the Future Foundation right now, she's juggled a lot of things. In the past, she's served with the Avengers, she's been with the Fantastic Four and the Defenders a little bit. She's a good team player, so when a band of characters is pulled together, she's an essential piece in keeping the gears moving.