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How Long Will Nino Nova and Guardians of the Earth Last Before They Are Canceled?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 10/15/2012 - 15:35


Marvel announced at the recent New York Comic-Con that Jeph Leob will be taking on the new Nova and Brian Michael Bendis will be taking on the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fans are already giving each of these titles nickname such as "Kid Nova" and "Nino Nova" for Sam Alexander, and are quoting Bendis as the Guardians of the Galaxy have become known as the "Guardians of the Earth."

Forums and various social networks have lit up with complaints, from our own forum, to Newsarama's Facebook, to me even getting into an argument with a Marvel employee on Twitter.

In addition, Marvel Cosmic has moved from Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann, who did a stellar job editing the likes of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Marvel Cosmic, to Editor Stephen Wacker, known for his work editing Dan Slott on Amazing Spider-Man, but also known for getting blasted by Jim Starlin for the Thanos origin reboot, that was subsequently pulled by Marvel.

Fans bring up various points, but a common complaint is that Marvel is just not giving them what they want.

In the case of Sam Alexander, it's a teenager who gets powers and most likely will end up fighting street criminals; it's Spider-Man all over again -- and we've seen it a million times.

With Bendis's Guardians of the Galaxy, Bendis said it himself in that it is basically an extension of his Avengers, with these Guardians literally "guarding the earth." 

Plain and simple, fans don't want that.

DnA's Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy held their own without any "big" names attached and without much promotion. Fans don't want these books taken over by the Avengers - just ask the X-Men fans - and they don't want creators on the books who could care less about the previous history and characters.

Fact is: Marvel is not listening to their fans; they are not listening to the comic readers, the folks who fill the local comic shops with their hard earned money. I've said it before: We are all not Avengers fans; niche books like Marvel Cosmic actually bring in customers to the local comic shops, customers that proceed to go on and purchase Marvel "core" titles.

Why are Marvel sales down?

Plain and simple: Marvel is not giving the readers what they want.