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Henry Cavill Reassures Batman Vs. Superman Is A Go In Detroit; Described As Massive & Update On Affleck

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/31/2014 - 21:18

Last night saw news that Superman Henry Cavill was almost involved in an altercation at a bar in what appears to be a misunderstanding with a deaf man and his drunk friends.

Now we get another report from the same bar, the Imperial Bar in Ferndale, where an IMDb user states he met Henry Cavill and chatted Batman Vs. Superman with the actor for a bit.

The fan, "Gjonnyboy" at the IMDb forums, admits to being a little starstruck, but offers the following details that also include Ben Affleck's plans while he stays in Detroit:

I live in Detroit MI. The other night I was hanging out in Ferndale (suburb of Dtown) when I got a txt from a friend of mine that read "Henry Cavill is at Imperial right now." (Imperial is a local west coast inspired "street taco" joint.) Anywho.... I Spock ran from the bar I was at over to Imperial and there was Cavill just hangin at the bar with his trainer! I made a fool of myself quoting the movie haha! "We've had a child Zod. A boy child." lol lol lol hahaha! He was an awesome dude. We laughed it up, we high fived, it was gang busters! Now.... I frequent these boards daily hehe. A healthy obsession only because I can still go to work and relate to people (psycho), but I've never commented. Given all the new seemingly negative word around the developement; I wanted to reassure anyone who even remotley cares that MOS2 is on like donkey kong. I got the word from the man himself. Ciao! 

Yes that's me and Cavill in the profile pic btw....


What else can I tell you? Well.... He really is massive! I'm about 6'2 and he is just a smidge shorter. Half an inch if that. and he has to weigh (estimiating) 220lbs. I'm around 160 so.... Haha! It was impressive. He was not drinking, because he is still doing some heavy training. His trainer is the one who took the pick, he was drinking haha! Ben Affleck either bought, or is renting a home in a very nice suburb North of Detroit and they have been filimg in Pontiac. He's really very friendly and very humble. It was his idea to take the pic. I was too busy ranting and quoting the movie to even think about documenting it! Haha

"Batman Vs Superman" has a newly announced May 6, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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