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Halloween ComicFest Review: Skyward: Fracture feature

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 10/27/2013 - 11:36

Halloween ComicFest’s free issue of Skyward also features the return of Action Lab Comics’ flagship superhero book, Fracture.

And the title is no misnomer!

Fracture features the adventures of the city Lower Triton’s greatest hero Virtue, its coolest villain Malice, and an everyday guy named Jeff. The twist? They are all the same guy!

Jeff knows that he is Virtue and even seems to share some of the superhero’s memories. His wife married a man she thought was just a thin disguise for Virtue; she married Jeff, and was dead wrong.

Now she wants a scientist to clone Jeff, with Virtue’s personality in the clone ... ONLY Virtue.

Meanwhile, it seems Jeff takes medication to keep Malice at bay. But now Jeff’s drug supplier believes him to be a junkie. He is refused his pills and Malice returns ... right in the middle of an apparent super-villain convention.

I really like writer Shawn Gabborin’s plotting and ideas, if not the script itself. The characterizations and motives are well-developed, but the language is a bit clunky.

The art by Chad Cicconi really carries the story and handles a lot of exposition well in a flashback sequence. We really do not see Cicconi handle much action here, and that is ashame.

Rife with potential, there is enough enticement in this Halloween ComicFest offering to make my mouth water for the book's planned return to direct market comics.

And beside, it was free!