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Halloween ComicFest Review: Disenchanted

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 10/27/2013 - 00:27

To bring delight to comics readers always craving “something different” as well as to promote the debut of its new web comic Monday, October 28, Avatar Press presented a sampling of writer Simon Spurrier’s Disenchanted at the special Halloween ComicFest Day Saturday as a free print comic.

And what a debut it was!

This isn’t your grandmother’s fairyland! No, the wee inhabitants of Vermintown, beneath the feet of the people who have forgotten them, exist in a world of hate, murder, violence and more that has taken the purest of magical creatures and turned them into nasty reflections of what they once were.  

This is the story of Vermintown and the magical beings that live and die there.  It’s The Wire but with drug-pushing pixies and trick-turning sprites.

That concept taking these formerly enchanting beings and throwing them into the mythos of the urban 21st century may go against the grain of some readers, but Spurrier works his writing butt off to involve you in this brief glimpse of his world, using these creatures of magic as a reflection of the deviance that today grips humanity. The fairies and leprechauns are us … but smaller and meaner.  Now all those lives and magicks live in a city made of discarded soda cans and used needles.

The energetic art of German Erramouspe carries the story well, and the “enchantment” of the art, as contrasted to the darkness of the script, is in itself mind-numbing … but in a good way.

Disenchanted is set to premiere Monday with the first online installment at  New chapters of the comic will be posted every Monday following, giving readers a regular 12-page free weekly look into the world of the modern fairy folk.

Definitely a treat and not a trick for Halloween. And free!