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Gunman Killed During Mad Max Showing In Tennessee

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 08/05/2015 - 17:01


Almost two weeks after John Russell Houser shot up a movie theater in Lafayette, La., a similar incident has occurred in Antioch, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.

The shooting took place around 2:15 ET at the start of Mad Max: Fury Road at the Carmike Hickory 8 theaters at 901 Bell Road.

Police were able to respond almost immediately, which led to the death of the alleged gunman, said to be a 51-year-old white male, who was armed with gun and a hatchet.

The gunman is said to have used pepper spray throughout the theaters and was wearing a surgical mask, possibly to stop the effects of the pepper spray.

The two immediate responding officers entered through the projection room and engaged the suspect in gunfire. The suspect then attempted to leave through the back door where the SWAT team engaged and fatally wounded him.

The suspect was the only one wounded by gunfire. It's reported two women were injured from exposure to the pepper spray, and that one man suffered superficial injuries to his shoulder, thought to be from the hatchet.

Two backpacks were also found at the scene, one on the suspect and one left in the theater, with the police stating they weren't comfortabe with the backpacks, which would be detonated.

It's reported no victims were transported to the hospital and no one was seen covered in blood.

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