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Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review (Bendis)

Posted By: timelord
Sat, 01/04/2014 - 17:22

Well – I have to begrudgingly give this issue a “best of the worst thus far” nod in Bendis’ entire garbage of the galaxy run.  But – that’s only because I have a weakness for old-fashioned “Bad Girls,” and this issue focuses on Gamora and Angela going berserk and killing everything in sight in a real “up close and personal” way.  The fight scenes and near over-the-top viciousness of these two Bad Girls would have been like a walk down memory lane if only the violence had been a bit more graphic, and the viciousness had really achieved over-the-topness

For the first time, I felt like Bendis got Gamora’s characterization right.  I’d also have to say the same about the characterization of the rest of the team; though viewing Star-Lord’s atrociously redesigned uniform did kind of wet blanket the moment of seeing his glimmer of correct characterization finally manifest itself.   Never fear Bendis-zombies and Avengers-zombies – I’m sure Bendis just accidentally fell bass ackwards into getting the characterization right, and next issue Rocket will be back to desperately trying to find a catch-phrase to shout, Star-Lord will be back to channeling Adam West, and the rest of the team will be once again unrecognizable caricatures of their former selves.

The interior art and coloring are vast improvements over the last two atrociously illustrated/colored issues.  What can be said about the cover?  Sigh.  Gamora and Angela were beautiful.  Star-Lord’s illustration was beyond awful. His uniform looks like something from a cheap Japanese cartoon, and his hair looks like somebody dropped a bowl over his head and scissor-cut around the perimeter.  Hey Bendis/Maguire – the mop-top went out in the 60’s!  Pathetic.  And what’s with the smug, self-satisfied little Burt Reynolds smile and chin tug?  Is he really suggesting he’s going to bag one of the babes on either side of him?  Really?  Not this version of Star-Lord.  He might bag Squirrel-Girl – but Gamora and Angela are way out of this Bendis-fied version of Star-Lord’s league.  Now Inglehart’s and DnA’s version of Star-Lord is an entirely different story.  Both at once would’ve been a definite possibility.

And no letter’s page!  What a relief not to have to suffer through anything Wacker writes.  And this should be one of his last issues.

Hey Bendis – do us all a favor and leave GotG to more capable hands.  I’m sure you’ll want to add the Star Wars notch to your belt.  Why not move on and get started on that early?  If you think us Marvel Cosmic fans have been tough on you – just wait until the Star Wars fans start reacting to your situation-comedy-ing of their favorite universe.