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Grenade Damaged Joker Funko From Suicide Squad Deleted Scene Revealed

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 09/21/2016 - 00:51

Funko has revealed the first two waves of their New York Comic-Con exclusives where we see a figure of the Joker is included from a Suicide Squad deleted scene.

The Funko Pop "Grenade Damage" Joker is from Suicide Squad's third trailer that didn't make it into the movie. Reportedly, the scene took place at the end of Suicide Squad with Joker after the helicopter crash and a grenade in his hand. Joker calls for Harley Quinn, but she refuses and decides to stay with her new friends. Then Joker throws the grenade to cover his escape. 

Check out more of Funko's exclusives below.

If it's anything like last year's NYCC, it's a complete zoo to get these things. You need to first line up to get a wristband, and then line-up again to get the Pop. Towards the end of the con Funko did let people line up who don't have wristbands, but I'm guessing this Grenade Damaged Joker will go pretty quick.

Update: Funko is doing a lottery system this year, and you can enter here.